Who Is Seize Assets?

By: Robert Pinchuck

SeizeAssets.com investigates debtors and companies and produces actionable data which is extremely desirable for many different groups of clientele looking to find assets.

For example, debt buyers using our services carefully select debtors in their files that have higher debt balances and live in a zip code where the average income is higher than most of the country. The hit ratios we return prove to be much higher. In addition, we have returned results for many debtors that had multiple bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and safety deposit boxes.

Some of the other research companies mostly return bank accounts without balances or last deposit known deposits and don’t have the same investigative capabilities as Seize Assets. Seize Assets locates a higher number of multiple banks on debtors and reports other important data to our clients that help in the collection of debt. We guarantee our verified results!

Seize Assets provides many beneficial services to assist you in recovering monies and finding assets. Here are some of the most utilized:

Location of Bank Accounts (statewide and nationwide)
Location of Investment Accounts
Social Security and FEIN locates
Employment Location and Verification
Safety Deposit Boxes
Pre-Litigation on court approved matters
Estate & Probate
Personal Injury Settlement
Property, Land & Sea Vessels
Full Investigative Services
Judgment Enforcement Collections
Divorce & Child Support
Business Partner Investigation
Fraud & Embezzlement
Bankruptcy Investigations

There isn’t a day that goes by that Seize Assets doesn’t receive files from clients that were previously searched with other research companies that missed banks, brokerage accounts or places of employment data. Creditors, attorneys and collection agencies love Seize Assets’ services and many give us files where the judgments are more than 5 years old and so far, no monies have been collected. Our clients are so thrilled when we find financial data, many send us thank you emails and gifts.

Seize Assets specializes in hard to find financial data on people and companies. We service many other types of attorneys and individuals who need our services and who have legal permissibility. We welcome a challenge and offer many services to the legal community.

Take more control of your post-litigation efforts. You’ve worked this hard – don’t stop now! Go through your files and test our services by giving us judgment files that are older and where other research companies could not find actionable data.

If you have any questions, please call: 800-648-1914