Ways to Locate Hidden Assets

It’s no easy task, but you have to be creative to locate assets – especially when dealing with debtors who are actively finding ways to hide them.

For example, buying a coin collection and putting it in safety deposit boxes at small banks or hiding cash in the walls of their home.

The following are some of the methods SeizeAssets.com has used to locate debtors’ assets:

  • Dumpster Diving: You can sometimes find discarded financial records and other papers that lead you to the money. It smells bad, but it has often brought the biggest debtors to their knees.
  • Business Affiliations: 9 times out of 10 if a debtor owes a lot of money, they usually have a lot of money.
  • Transfer of Assets: Usually the first tactic is to transfer assets into other people’s names. What the debtor doesn’t expect or usually know, is that tech savvy investigators can trace the money or assets moving from them to other people and/or companies. This can prove helpful to creditors in recovering money.  In some states shell corporations can be set up and your debtor’s name can remain anonymous.
  • Deep Surveillance: The most fun part of an investigator’s career is following someone around without them knowing it for days. When you do this, you can learn an enormous amount about the debtor. This can literally lead you to a pot of gold.
  • Family or Close Friends: The first place Seize Assets has looked on many occasions was immediate family or friends for signs that their bank accounts grew richer overnight. Debtors will park their money with them until they feel the coast is clear. What they don’t realize is that the coast is never clear. Seize Assets often helps its clients locate assets on judgments that are 10 years old and much older.
  • Overseas: Sometimes it’s pretty obvious when a debtor has hidden his money in another country. When we locate relatives or other ties in a different country, we perform bank account locates in that country with all the debtor’s information and work with an attorney from the Columbia Law List to help recover funds.
  • Interrogations or Interviews: You can many times find out a lot of information about your debtor’s assets by interviewing neighbors, business partners, and people who work with them. It’s likely you will pick up clues to help you find the assets.

If you have a debtor and you need to find assets that will take more than just a routine account search, please get in touch with Seize Assets at 1-800-648-1914. We offer the greatest level of success to all our clients. We have been in business for over 40 years and have the expertise needed to investigate and locate debtor funds or property.

Robert Pinchuck