Show Me Your Judgments & I’ll Show You the Money!

By: Robert Pinchuck, Publisher

My Dad, Warren Pinchuck, tells a story about pushing me in my baby stroller at a CLLA Conference in NYC way back in the early 1960’s – so you might say I “cut my teeth” in the Collection Industry. I have grown up experiencing the many phases our industry has gone through and I am proud to be a part of the professional changes and adjustments.

With my thirty some-odd years of experience in our industry of collections; I can say without reservation that tenacity is one of our strongest qualities. After all it takes tremendous tenacity to work in Collections. The sheer nature of our business requires it!

Pursuing your judgment debtors takes tenacity but the most collectible judgments are the ones that have aged a few years – problem is after a while judgment holders tend to stick them in a file cabinet and move on to the next one. Some of the best statistics have uncollected judgments in the USA in the Trillions of dollars.

Best advice I can give – is be tenacious – get out those old judgments and start looking for those debtors’ bank accounts and place of employments. reports an uptick in locating garnish-able bank accounts and place of employment garnishments are up as well.

So show me your Judgments and I’ll show you the money!