Protect Your Business With Compliance: Educational Training

by Robert Pinchuck

Many of our businesses in the debt collection industry have been around and doing well for several years. I’m sure you have asked yourself many times “What can I do what can I change?”, “What can I do to make my revenue go through the roof?” “How can I spend more time with my family?” These are questions that I ask myself as well, so you are not alone.

The collection industry has had its problems over the years with compliance and poor training. We are all aware that lawsuits can tarnish your brand and put you out of business. My company has a very valuable and very reasonable service that we offer for companies in the debt collection field. With these services I can guarantee the very best protection available against FDCPA lawsuits.I can also guarantee that your collectors will be more confident on the phone which in turn means more revenue for your company.

Compliance starts with education and the services we provide at will not only educate your collection staff but it also has the ability to provide one on one daily training. This highly rated educational course program has been a powerful tool in the collection industry for over 6 years and has educated thousands of people.  Within this program we also have a course study for attorneys to obtain their CLE credits available in 16 states.

Our program has been approved by the CLE board – which to be honest is not an easy task to get done. However, it is also the most comprehensive and the best valued online course I’ve seen. This course will surely give your collectors the confidence that they need when speaking on the phone. You place a lot of confidence in your staff to drive revenue for your business and the more comfortable they are when speaking on the phone the more dollars you will generate.

Learn more about the services we offer at, or you can 800-648-1914 and speak to Amie. We offer discount pricing for large agencies as well.