No More Conferences/ For Now or Forever

We hope everyone is well and safe during these troubled times of change. The United States is the strongest country and have the most resilient people on earth, which is why everyone worldwide wants to live here.

We are the land of strength,education and opportunity. No other country has the power and strength we all have in the USA. We have been in existence for almost two and a half centuries and we have gained so much power because of one thing.  It’s because of you and everyone you see around you. We are all one big team working towards the same goal. But now we are filled with the ultimate task of continuing to prosper while adapting to the changes that have become the new normal and come up with new ways that will assist us in obtaining our goals.

Many of us were used to going to conferences in locations throughout the country. The conferences became a way to meet potential new clients and keep in front of your existing clients, while also attending educational seminars. Some think that it will be difficult to continue growing our business and keeping our existing client’s content. The good news is that we have already created all the platforms that will in effect take the place of physically going to conferences.

As far as educational seminars at a conference are concerned, zoom and other platforms similar to it can do a fantastic job at providing a safe alternative to fulfill your ongoing requirements. In fact, in many ways a zoom meeting is better than attending in person. All registered users have access to watch the same fabulous educational videos over and over which is an invaluable asset. The internet also provides all kinds of tools to keep you in front of your existing clients. WWW.COLLECTIONINDUSTRYNEWS.COM is published weekly and sent to over 100,000 OPT IN subscribers. Newsletters provide an excellent platform for companies to show that they are active and serious about promoting their company. You can write articles and press releases and submit them to WWW.COLLECTIONINDUSTRYNEWS.COM which is an excellent way to show that you know your business and it also creates a positive image of you and your company. Also, running ads that give a viewer a reason to call you. Many times we are trying to find the contact information for a business and if you knew where they were advertising you could just click on their link and correspond with them.

At WWW.COLLECTIONINDUSTRYNEWS.COM we accept articles and publish your newsletters and videos that can be seen by over 100,000 OPT IN subscribers.



Article by Robert Pinchuck