Interview with Patrick Pinto





Interview with Patrick Pinto; CMO BeeSeen Solutions

Q: What Services does BeeSeen Solutions provide to its clients:

PP: BeeSeen Solutions is a premier provider in delivering digital strategies that support Intelligent Automation, Marketing and Targeted Lead Generation. In addition to these solutions we have the ability to act as a BPO through our network of partners supporting a full suite of offerings.

Q: When looking for an RPA solution, what should you be looking for:

PP: Ease of use is one of the fundamental characteristics for any software. As the RPA solution is being deployed for accelerating the internal processes of your business, it should be simple enough to be understood by your employees.

Q: What do you feel differentiates BeeSeen Solutions from other Digital Agencies that are in the ARM Outsourcing Space:

PP: Personally I have over 30 years of industry experience supporting sales, marketing, business development and client services. I have worked with diverse clients that could be considered some of the largest in their respective verticals. I have walked a mile saying it modestly in a professionals shoes within this industry and know very well what a sales cycle can become when trying to land certain relationships. In addition I also know what it takes to service and maintain those partnerships. Combining that with what we have put together at BeeSeen Solutions affords us a very unique offering that every organization could benefit from.

Q: Why are Technological Integrations important?

PP: An effective RPA solution needs to integrate with different systems and technologies. This is the core capability of any digital workforce. When the RPA solution has strong integration capabilities it can result in more healthy, quicker and effective automations.

Q: What is LinkGen:

PP: LinkGen is a targeted lead generation platform that delivers the exact audience to the professional . It is part of our Intelligent Automation suite of offerings that supports Business Development and Sales Strategies for any organization. It helps shorten sales cycles and puts the individual in front of the decision makers they are looking to connect with. In addition to our own organization benefiting tremendously from this, we see our clients on a daily basis gaining opportunities that previously could take years.

Q: Why is intelligent automation important to companies today?

PP: Intelligent RPA ensures that all operations across front office, middle office, back office and IT operations are done at faster speed and at reduced cost which can help increase top line and bottom line of the company significantly.

Q: What other Intelligent Automation does BeeSeen Solutions offer:

PP: Through our partnership with Automation Edge we provide RPA Technology (Robotic Process Automation) and IT Process Automation supported by a multi threaded architecture. We have the ability to take process and drive not just a higher level of efficiency, but increase compliance levels, improve work environments and empower professionals throughout an organization. Our Digital Workforce is part of the team, not to replace but to coexist supporting employees to exceed day to day performance goals while not increasing the hours it takes to achieve them. Our division is something we are very excited about.

Q: What can your Intelligent Automation Solutions like RPA or IT Process Automation support:

PP: Our approach is if you can think it we can automate it. We help create efficiency in areas like data transmission and placements, bank account reconciliation, claims processing, employee on boarding, payment processing, accounting, auditing, help desk tickets and so much more. There really is no limit to what we can develop for our clients while at the same time driving overall overhead down allowing for continued reinvestment into an organization.

Q: Should employees be concerned about being replaced by a digital workforce?

PP: Rather than worrying about being replaced by a virtual workforce, business users can eliminate mundane tasks, and do what humans do best—reason, analyze and make informed decisions— transforming the relationship between man and machine from rivalry to partnership.

Q: How do you deploy your Digital Workforce:

PP: We collaborate with our partners to understand where their pain points are, and what areas they are looking to drive efficiency in. We then build the function of the workflow out and showcase the process completing the job functions that would traditionally take hours into seconds. Through our partnership with Automation Edge, they have been able to take an international insurance provider and produce over 1 Billion dollars of claim payouts with zero human touch, and zero error. Once we witnessed that in action we were immediately hooked to bring this to market.

Q: What would you like to achieve in the ARM Outsourcing Industry with your Digital Strategies:

PP: We are focused on providing pure solutions to our clients. Taking our deep experience in the industry coupled with the digital experts on our team our goal is to help companies of all sizes be able to compete evenly with one another. This industry has more small to midsize players then large ones, however over the years we have seen such separation in who clients are partnering with because of all of the compliance and security requirements. Through our Intelligent Automation Solutions we believe we can help level the playing field and act as an extension of our partnerships.

BSSRPA are helping our customers with digital transformation thru a partnership with AutomationEdge.

AutomationEdge is an AI driven integrated automation platform. It’s highly advanced Intelligent Automation, brings together all the essential technologies required for enterprise automation like Artificial Intelligence, iPaaS Machine learning, Chatbot, ETL, ready API integrations and IT Process automation.

BeeSeen Is the parent company of BSSRPA. is our intelligent automation solution and www.linkgensolutions is our targeted lead generation platform.

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