Insurance company, debt collector review Dade City woman’s 4-year-old hospital bill

DADE CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – Carolyn Matinzi turned to Better Call Behnken for help with a 4-year-old hospital bill that her insurance company claimed it already paid.

Days after her call to Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken, she says Humana Insurance called her to say they are sending additional payment proof to the debt collector.

“I am so happy that something finally appears to be happening,” Matinzi said. “Thank you so much.”

Matinzi says Humana told her it could still take weeks for a full resolution.

Matinzi turned to Better Call Behnken for help after receiving bills from a debt collection company that is threatening to send the debt to credit bureaus. Letters turned into phone calls, and she says the callers are getting aggressive.

Here’s the problem: The bills for two amounts that total $3,624 from a hospital visit in 2016. Matinzi’s insurance company, Humana, has provided documentation that clearly shows the bills were paid in full by Humana.

Matinzi has provided that information to the debt company, Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, but no one there acknowledges the information and the bills keep coming.

Investigative Reporter Shannon Behnken reached out to Advent and Humana. A spokesperson for Advent said the company reviewed this matter and discovered this hospital has never billed Matinzi. Advent purchased the hospital in 2018 and did not acquire the hospital’s debt.

Matinzi says a Human representative told her that they reached the debt collection company and received confirmation that they will be reviewing the proof of payment and will likely discharge the debt.

Article by Shannon Behnken