How To Choose The Best Lawyers For Your Company

Choosing a lawyer is a lot like choosing other services for your company, but the result of their work will most likely have substantial impact on your company’s bottom line and that of your clients. Once you have identified a few lawyers that have the experience and knowledge you are looking for, you need to conduct very thorough research before pulling the trigger on the deal.

Instead of taking the time and effort and risk of not choosing wisely, I recommend you use a lawyer referral service. They have the assured ability to find good candidates based on your specific needs.

In my 38 years of helping companies obtain counsel, I’ve realized that it really comes down to personalities. You must feel and trust that this attorney will provide the best service and have your best interests in mind. Most attorneys provide an initial consultation at no charge. If they don’t give you that complimentary time – I wouldn’t use them.

When meeting with an attorney, here are suggestions and questions you may want to ask:

  • What experience does their firm have in your specific area of interest?
  • What is their firm’s track record?
  • Do they offer flexible fee options such as contingency, hourly or a hybrid of both?
  • What costs are involved in addition to attorney fees?
  • Will they advise you when a case is not financially viable?
  • Do they understand fundamental bankruptcy law and procedures? Will they move quickly to seek adequate protection and relief?
  • Do they appear in State and Federal court?
  • What is the size of their firm and staffing resources? Do they outsource any tasks?
  • If the case or claim is contested, will they continue to represent you and your client and how do their fees change?
  • How and when will you be billed?
  • How and when will they remit monies collected?
  • Do they have malpractice insurance?
  • Ask for a copy of references or recommendations.
  • Ask for a copy of their agreement.
  • When do they provide status updates on cases? How quickly do they respond to questions?

I’ve been in this business long enough to know that you shouldn’t judge an attorney on his fees – judge them on their performance. An attorney that charges more and gets you great results is obviously better than an attorney that has lower fees but provides poor results.

After all your questions are answered, think about the following:

  • Do they have the experience, attitude and skills to handles your cases?
  • Are you comfortable with the fees?
  • Is the agreement one that you would sign?
  • Can you work with this person?
  • Choosing the correct attorney is very crucial for your business and the revenue of your company.

When your company wants to locate the best attorneys that will meet your needs, consider using The Columbia Law List for all your Commercial and Retail litigation matters. You can contact Columbia Law List directly at 800-648-1914 and a representative will be more than happy to match you with an attorney that can handle your matters.

The Columbia Law List does not charge for the recommendation of our attorneys and we have been in business since 1905. All of our attorneys have experience in the collections industry, cover a wide range of types of claims and other matters, and are covered under our $1,000,000 bond.

by Robert Pinchuck
Owner/President at Columbia Corporation