FDCPA Certification and Training online courses for as little as $29


Do you have a collection department or staff that interacts daily with companies or consumers in regards to past due invoices? If so, then every phone call your employee makes, every discussion they have with someone who owes money opens the door to possibly being sued due to non-compliance with the FDCPA. It is not possible to simply train your employees to be professional and “hold their cool” when talking to a consumer, especially now with all the added stress as a result of the Coronavirus. Every day, even seasoned collectors get stung by FDCPA compliance issues which result in lawsuits and settlements, both of which are time-consuming and costly.
Every month, my company receives a long list of creditors, lawyers, collection agencies, and other businesses that were sued under the FDCPA regulations. This list is just a small fraction of companies that settled with litigant lawyers making demand due to one or several infractions. I recently met a litigant FDCPA lawyer who told me he sends out 10 to 20 demand letters to various companies a week making demand and that most of them just settle, rather than litigate.


My name is Robert Pinchuck and I own and operate several lawyer directories that list hundreds of debt collection law firms. One afternoon while attending a conference in Chicago, there were several lawyers and collection agency owners sitting at my table and they were discussing(complaining) about having to settle with FDCPA litigant attorneys for thousands of dollars. A light bulb went off in my head, I thought why not create a top-notch FDCPA certification course that would properly train collection industry personnel on how to most likely not get sued. I grabbed my friend, Jack Gordon, and planned the birth of our new company, FDCPA CERTIFICATIONS LLC. Over the course of the next year along with other industry executives, we carefully put together an online certification course. Shortly after that, the company was taking on students and we have to date educated around 15,000 students

FDCPA certification was approved for continuing legal education (CLE) in the state of Colorado for 4 credit hours, including 1.5 hours of ethics. Colorado has reciprocity with many states which include several of the largest states. We recently added Texas to our reciprocity list. Please feel free to visit our website at www.fdcpacertification.com for further information on the CLE offerings.

The course has 11 sections-each covering one or more sections of the FDCPA. Each section includes the text of the act, a 3-5 minute video presentation, further written analysis, and a short quiz. After all, sections have been successfully completed there is an 80 questions final exam. Once the final exam has been successfully completed the student is issued a personalized certificate.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read our story and we hope that we can be part of your 3rd party training choice to help protect your business. We also offer a very sophisticated platform that enables you to sent test questions on FDCPA regulations daily to your staff. The results of the scores are available to your manager so if someone is not getting the questions correct, it would be a red flag that they might require more training through the course.

Please go to www.fdcpacertifications.com. During these difficult times, We are offering $40 off each course which means a single course is only $59 and if you buy multiple courses you can pay as little as $29 per course. All people who pass the course will have unlimited access to our course materials. When checking out, use the passcode Fdcpa40 to get this offer which is unlimited until the end of the year. I have learned that if you ever do get sued on an FDCPA violation and go to court, it always looks better to the judge if you have used 3rd party training. It is an indication of just how serious you take the FDCPA regulations.

Thank you for your time and we hope to help your company with FDCPA training which will prove to be the best method for 3rd party training.

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Article By Robert Pinchuk