FCC Announces Growth in State-Federal Robocall Enforcement


Partnerships with state attorneys general will expand collaborative information-sharing agreements and illegal robocall enforcement between the FCC and agencies across the U.S.


Federal Communications Commission Chair Jessica Rosenworcel recently welcomed new state law enforcement leaders to the agency’s growing list of illegal robocall enforcement partnerships, according to a news release.

Rosenworcel recognized the state attorneys general of Colorado, North Carolina and Tennessee for their ongoing efforts to help more states and territories build similar robocalling partnerships with the FCC.

The FCC also announced it has signed a new robocall enforcement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Colorado and Vermont, which brings the total of state-federal partnerships to 16, with the goal of extending this level of collaboration to every state and territory.

These formal investigatory partnerships between state attorneys general and the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau help protect consumers across the country from unwanted and illegal robocalls and spoofing scams, and the commission will continue to recruit additional states and territories to broaden the impact of state-federal collaboration, according to the news release.

“Protecting consumers from robocall and spoofing scams is an everyday challenge for local, state, and federal law enforcement. By sharing information and closely cooperating on investigations, we can better protect consumers everywhere,” Rosenworcel said. “Our enforcement partnerships with state attorneys general have already paid dividends and I know these new agreements will only further that success.”

During investigations, both the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau and state investigators seek records, talk to witnesses, interview targets, examine consumer complaints and take other critical steps to build a record against possible bad actors.

A formal MOU between the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau and attorney general offices can be a critical resource for building cases and preventing duplicative efforts in protecting consumers and businesses nationwide, according to the FCC.

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