Creditors and Collection Agencies Should Choose Their Own Asset Investigators By: Robert Pinchuck

When you win a case in court and a judgment is issued, most creditors and collection agencies assume their lawyers use the most effective asset location services. That is not always the case!

For example, if your legal counsel sends your debtor’s information to an asset investigation company and they don’t find any bank accounts or current employment, this is reported to the plaintiff and most of the time the case sits as uncollectible or is returned as a closed file.  Unfortunately, if the resource is not accessing a wide range of current data, potential accounts are not identified, and monies go uncollected! 

What should happen is the attorney should have a “waterfall of companies” they use. The reason for this is each company may have access to different data and each company has different methods of investigation to find debtors’ assets.

Seize Assets specializes in locating hard-to-find assets and uses researchers and private investigators who have the most experience in the industry. You don’t need a waterfall process if you use Seize Assets because Seize Assets uses proprietary systems and techniques providing the ability to quickly find your debtor’s bank accounts, investment accounts, employment and other hard assets and guarantees their work.

Seize Assets guarantees that if they make an error, they will return the fees paid and pay up to $75 toward your execution fees. With a guarantee like that, you can be confident this service is reliable. Also, the owners of Seize Assets bring a vast amount of experience to the process and have been providing data for over 20 years.

Seize Assets is owned by Columbia Corporation which has been in business since 1905. If interested in this service, please call 800-648-1914.