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Who Is Seize Assets?

By: Robert Pinchuck investigates debtors and companies and produces actionable data which is extremely desirable for many different groups of clientele looking to find assets.

For example, debt buyers using our services carefully select debtors in their files that have higher debt balances and live in a zip code where the average income is higher than most of the country. The hit ratios we return prove to be much higher. In addition, we have returned results for many debtors that had multiple bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and safety deposit boxes.

Some of the other research companies mostly return bank accounts without balances or last deposit known deposits and don’t have the same investigative capabilities as Seize Assets. Seize Assets locates a higher number of multiple banks on debtors and reports other important data to our clients that help in the collection of debt. We guarantee our verified results!

Seize Assets provides many beneficial services to assist you in recovering monies and finding assets. Here are some of the most utilized:

Location of Bank Accounts (statewide and nationwide)
Location of Investment Accounts
Social Security and FEIN locates
Employment Location and Verification
Safety Deposit Boxes
Pre-Litigation on court approved matters
Estate & Probate
Personal Injury Settlement
Property, Land & Sea Vessels
Full Investigative Services
Judgment Enforcement Collections
Divorce & Child Support
Business Partner Investigation
Fraud & Embezzlement
Bankruptcy Investigations

There isn’t a day that goes by that Seize Assets doesn’t receive files from clients that were previously searched with other research companies that missed banks, brokerage accounts or places of employment data. Creditors, attorneys and collection agencies love Seize Assets’ services and many give us files where the judgments are more than 5 years old and so far, no monies have been collected. Our clients are so thrilled when we find financial data, many send us thank you emails and gifts.

Seize Assets specializes in hard to find financial data on people and companies. We service many other types of attorneys and individuals who need our services and who have legal permissibility. We welcome a challenge and offer many services to the legal community.

Take more control of your post-litigation efforts. You’ve worked this hard – don’t stop now! Go through your files and test our services by giving us judgment files that are older and where other research companies could not find actionable data.

If you have any questions, please call: 800-648-1914

Damages That Debtors Have Been Awarded When Suing Collectors. FYI – Be Careful

By: Robert Pinchuck

There are thousands of demands made on creditors, collection agencies, debt buyers, and other attorneys every month by FDCPA litigant attorneys. The business is showing no signs of letting up and some will argue it’s about to pick up quite a bit. I spoke to a collection agency veteran who explained his prediction. He states there is more debt owed by consumers to creditors than ever before. Once defaults increase, you know what follows – a very busy debt collection industry. FDCPA and other consumer litigant attorneys will have a heyday especially since business is about to boom.

FDCPA litigation law is a growing practice and we can expect these lawyers and their clients to try and figure out more ways to get money from us good folks in the collection industry. The following is a list of debtor awards to watch out for.

-Lost Wages

This is where debtors claim to face problems at work because debt collectors call and disrupt their productivity. As a result, they seek lost wages and believe it or not, many times get it.

-Physical Distress

This seems to be in many complaints and demands. Debtors claim physical distress as a result of getting collection calls and letters and in the near future emails. Also claims of heart problems, skin rashes, and headaches. Also expect that they will go to the doctor and get diagnosed with some stress related issue which will require prescription medication. Doctors love to give scripts, so the more you complain, the more scripts you get. They always claim these issues are linked to an FDCPA violation and as a result, the debtor might recover costs for treatments plus other damages.

-Emotional distress

Debtors also claim the phone calls, messages, and letters have affected their emotional well-being. I heard from an attorney that his debtor claimed their personality changed because of all the abuse and due to this, his debtor will have problems for the rest of his life. They demanded long term care. Additionally, some claim when a collector speaks to a family member or friend, those relationships have been affected.

-Statutory Damages

On top of what debtors collect for loses with regard to lost wages and distress, debtors can also receive $1,000 from each of their collectors according to the FDCPA. These damages are awarded when the debtor proves his rights under FDCPA have been violated. Just to be clear, even if the debtor proves the violation caused harm, the debtor could get $1,000 per law suit not per violation. So again – if the creditor violates FDCPA regulations multiple times, the consumer still only collects $1,000.

-Attorney’s Fees & Costs

If the violation is proven, the court sometimes allows the recovery of fees. This is very important as this is the way some litigant attorneys get paid.

-Injunctive Remedies

In addition to awarding a debtor monetary damages, the court can also order the collector to cease all collection activities.

There are many more types of FDCPA violations debtors file claims against looking for financial gain. Does everyone reading this have third party FDCPA training as a part of your operations?

Making a small $99 investment to educate your collector with the country’s best FDCPA Course Education – including a personalized certification once the exam is passed – is a no-brainer! And the cost is even lower when multiple classes are ordered for staff.

Call 800-648-1914 and find out how easy it is to activate our on-line, self-directed training that allows you to track progress as your collectors gain the confidence needed to communicate successfully with debtors while avoiding the pitfalls of FDCPA violations.

Don’t risk being the next target of litigant attorneys and their debtor clients!

Ways to Locate Hidden Assets

It’s no easy task, but you have to be creative to locate assets – especially when dealing with debtors who are actively finding ways to hide them.

For example, buying a coin collection and putting it in safety deposit boxes at small banks or hiding cash in the walls of their home.

The following are some of the methods has used to locate debtors’ assets:

  • Dumpster Diving: You can sometimes find discarded financial records and other papers that lead you to the money. It smells bad, but it has often brought the biggest debtors to their knees.
  • Business Affiliations: 9 times out of 10 if a debtor owes a lot of money, they usually have a lot of money.
  • Transfer of Assets: Usually the first tactic is to transfer assets into other people’s names. What the debtor doesn’t expect or usually know, is that tech savvy investigators can trace the money or assets moving from them to other people and/or companies. This can prove helpful to creditors in recovering money.  In some states shell corporations can be set up and your debtor’s name can remain anonymous.
  • Deep Surveillance: The most fun part of an investigator’s career is following someone around without them knowing it for days. When you do this, you can learn an enormous amount about the debtor. This can literally lead you to a pot of gold.
  • Family or Close Friends: The first place Seize Assets has looked on many occasions was immediate family or friends for signs that their bank accounts grew richer overnight. Debtors will park their money with them until they feel the coast is clear. What they don’t realize is that the coast is never clear. Seize Assets often helps its clients locate assets on judgments that are 10 years old and much older.
  • Overseas: Sometimes it’s pretty obvious when a debtor has hidden his money in another country. When we locate relatives or other ties in a different country, we perform bank account locates in that country with all the debtor’s information and work with an attorney from the Columbia Law List to help recover funds.
  • Interrogations or Interviews: You can many times find out a lot of information about your debtor’s assets by interviewing neighbors, business partners, and people who work with them. It’s likely you will pick up clues to help you find the assets.

If you have a debtor and you need to find assets that will take more than just a routine account search, please get in touch with Seize Assets at 1-800-648-1914. We offer the greatest level of success to all our clients. We have been in business for over 40 years and have the expertise needed to investigate and locate debtor funds or property.

Robert Pinchuck

The Best Methods of Judgment Satisfaction

Won your lawsuit? Received a judgment? What’s next?

1. Strategy

Debtors have the right to appeal. Check with your state on how long a defendant has until he must file an appeal. Don’t bother with collection efforts until then. During this period, defendants are not obligated to pay.

2. Lien Rights

There is always the possibility that your debtor could file bankruptcy. Your next move is to preserve your ability to collect the judgment by getting a lien right. You do this by finding out if the debtor has any real property. This will get their attention and sometimes provoke them to start paying you.

A real estate lien is obtained by recording the judgment with recorder’s office in the county where the real estate is located. This will hinder the sale of any real estate property without paying you off first and you retain rights in case of a bankruptcy.

3. Ask for the Money

They might just pay you! Tell them the outstanding judgment debt will be placed on their credit report. Don’t give away anymore information than that. You don’t want the debtor to learn about other ways you intend on getting your money. Some debtors get very savvy and may begin to start hiding and transferring their money and/or valuables. Do not harass or intimidate the debtor; be open to settling for less then the full amount or agree to arrange payments over time.

4. Other Options

Look at all your options which include wage garnishments, bank levies and personal property liens.

5. Find the Assets

With the assistance of an attorney, you can hold a debtor’s exam or file for an order of examination which allows you to question the debtor about all their assets and where they are located.

6. Easy Assets to Find

The low hanging fruit are bank accounts and wages from employers. These can be found by hiring a professional asset location company such as They are experts at finding bank accounts and verifying employment which gives you the option to garnish verified funds or wages. You also have the option to do rush services and can obtain financial information on your debtor within 3-5 days.

7. Hire an Expert

There are companies like Seize Assets that will take on judgments, do all the work and give you 50-60% of the value when collected. This is the best way to “not get your hands dirty” and saves a lot of time.

8. Judgments Can Be Renewed

Your judgment is usually good from 5-20 years depending on the state. If you have not collected during this time, be sure to renew your judgments and liens before they expire. If you don’t renew, you will most likely have to re-file with the court or the statute of limitations will have expired on the original debt.

9. Be Relentless

Financial situations change in people’s lives. Your debtor may get a better job or inherit money. Keeping tabs on your debtor should be relatively easy to do these days with the internet and social media channels.

Once you are paid, make sure you file a satisfaction of judgment with the court. It’s an easy form to fill out.

Good Luck!!

If you have any questions, please call Robert Pinchuck at 800-648-1914.

Protect Your Business With Compliance: Educational Training

by Robert Pinchuck

Many of our businesses in the debt collection industry have been around and doing well for several years. I’m sure you have asked yourself many times “What can I do what can I change?”, “What can I do to make my revenue go through the roof?” “How can I spend more time with my family?” These are questions that I ask myself as well, so you are not alone.

The collection industry has had its problems over the years with compliance and poor training. We are all aware that lawsuits can tarnish your brand and put you out of business. My company has a very valuable and very reasonable service that we offer for companies in the debt collection field. With these services I can guarantee the very best protection available against FDCPA lawsuits.I can also guarantee that your collectors will be more confident on the phone which in turn means more revenue for your company.

Compliance starts with education and the services we provide at will not only educate your collection staff but it also has the ability to provide one on one daily training. This highly rated educational course program has been a powerful tool in the collection industry for over 6 years and has educated thousands of people.  Within this program we also have a course study for attorneys to obtain their CLE credits available in 16 states.

Our program has been approved by the CLE board – which to be honest is not an easy task to get done. However, it is also the most comprehensive and the best valued online course I’ve seen. This course will surely give your collectors the confidence that they need when speaking on the phone. You place a lot of confidence in your staff to drive revenue for your business and the more comfortable they are when speaking on the phone the more dollars you will generate.

Learn more about the services we offer at, or you can 800-648-1914 and speak to Amie. We offer discount pricing for large agencies as well.