“Bad Apples” Practice Reputational Theft on Good Professionals, March 11, 2016

“A good reputation is the most valuable thing we have — men and women alike ……… if you steal my reputation, you’re robbing me of something that doesn’t make you richer, but makes me much poorer.” Othello Act 3, Scene 3

The National Creditors Bar Association (NARCA) applauds the federal government’s recent 41-count indictment of Alan Ceccarelli, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based debt collector, who allegedly misled and coerced thousands of people into paying debts they possibly didn’t owe. The grand jury indictment claims Ceccarelli made it appear to victims that the collector’s telephone call was coming from a police department or the office of a government official or local private attorney. Once again a sole “bad apple” stealing the reputation of the tens of thousands of professionals – including police, government officials and creditors rights attorneys.

The National Creditors Bar Association vociferously supports the cooperative efforts of both industry entities and governmental agencies to root out the businesses that harm consumers through truly deceptive practices. The industry and consumers are much better off by collaborative and complementary practices to insure that “bad players” are eliminated from practicing debt collection. You cannot repair the reputation of “good players” when you lump them into the pool of “bad apples” that poisons the well of public perception.

Harvey Moore, The National Creditors Bar Association Board President commented, “We should keep focusing on the fact that this is where the government’s actions should be directed and enforced. Creating additional regulations is not what prevents bad actors such as Ceccarelli, because the real bad players won’t follow the rules anyway. Stricter enforcement of existing laws and regulations will root out the bad and elevate the good ”

The National Creditors Bar Association has been at the forefront of insuring that its attorney members abide by a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that is separate and in addition to the rules in their respective states which govern their law licenses. Mark Dobosz, Executive Director of NARCA commented, “ The cooperation between industry groups and the regulatory bodies which enforce laws to eliminate those who consciously harm consumers through deceptive practices is a mutual goal we want to continue to pursue together.”

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