12 tips to market your law practice during the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Lawyers have received good opportunities to work on new files and business. Because of the lockdown restrictions, in-person scenarios are very few, however as the effect of quarantine, web traffic has increased by 27% according to the New York Times. This has motivated digital marketers to double up their online marketing game.

Here is the list of a few things to increase your website activity.

  1. Maintain relationships with your existing and past clients:

Connect with your clients and ask them about how they have been coping with the pandemic and the lockdown. This time of lockdown can be tough for the clients and they might be looking for reassurance. Your call to clients will not only make them feel better in this pandemic but also you will be able to establish a rapport.

  1. Convert your attorney into experts in online business:

Make your profile more detailed by adding professional photography, an effective bio, and a list of your accomplishments. Add the information that your clients are looking for. Incorporate case studies, videos, photos, and podcasts. This will help your profile be more notable and visible. The more your account is well-recognized, the more you will get business.

  1. Spend at least 4 hours every week on developing your business:

Try to meet at least two or three people every week outside. It is important to meet people face-to-face as there will be no new files inside. You can start by meeting one referral source for a morning coffee, then meet a client for lunch and then attend an association or industry meeting. You can mix your business activities with your day-today life schedule. Make sure you have added business development activities on your calendar and keep a record of the people you meet.

Incorporating the following 4 activities will help you increase business, according to ABA Law Practise Today:

  • Meet clients outdoors
  • Be active in trade organization and business groups with potential new clients
  • Develop an expanding and extensive referral network
  • Maintain a high profile by practicing public speaking and writing articles.

You will be able to engage your contacts during functions in the following ways:

  • Notice how other people dress and give them a compliment.
  • Engage in a long conversation by asking about their business or job and the challenges they face. If you’re practicing for an estate, then ask them about their family. If you are practicing for personal injury, ask them about their thoughts on driving and texting.
  • Listening here is more important rather than talking about yourself.
  • If they are talking, this means you are selling.
  1. Strengthen your Website to get new Clients

According to 1SEO.com, 96% of people who seek legal advice search on Google, and 74% of the consumers visit websites of the law firm before taking an action.

Therefore, it is very important that your website is optimized, has good content, and is responsive. Your website must at least include 200 pages with effective content.

Practice the rules from Dale Carnegie’s famous 1936 book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, like being genuinely interested in people. For a person, remembering the person’s name is the most important and the sweetest sound in any language. Also, always try to be a good listener.

Then, try to create a content strategy that creates a bond of trust and speaks about you and does not require you to tell or approach. Instead of trying to tell and convince people that you are the best attorney to handle their issue, create content that portraits knowledge and should be able to show that to them.

  • Include great FAQ pages. Understand what questions your potential clients might be seeking just like they are sitting in front of you across your desk. The same questions will be typing on Google. So, including these questions and answers in your FAQ pages, you will be directly leveraging the search engines.
  • Display clients that you serve. Add a category on your website as ‘Industries Served’ and write more details about how you help them with their situation. The potential clients visiting your website will be looking for this information.
  • Highlight case studies. Client testimonials or success stories of who you helped them win a case and close the deal will highlight your website. You can describe your story in a short paragraph, describe your client, the issue you resolved, the amount at stake, and finally what result was achieved.

You can visit our blog article, ‘7 Habits of Effective Online Marketers’ for more ideas.

  1. Keep your blogging consistent.

The more you upload blog posts, the more clients you will get. You should write a blog post at least once a week. 72% of bloggers who wrote blog posts every week are able to successfully acquire new leads.

Learn more about blogging by checking out our blog article:’ ‘9 Best Practices for Blogging that Gets you New Business’.

Effectiveness of blogging:

  • 57% of digital marketers said that they were able to gain more clients solely through blogging.
  • Law firms that include blogging in their websites get 97% more links.
  • According to statistics from SEO tribunal, businesses that practice blogging get 434% more pages indexed in Search Engines.

Blogging can be a great way to influence people if done properly. It can help you increase your followers and help you to be a part of the news. Blogging can also help you to show what you are thinking and what you want your users to consider.

  1. Get good online reviews:

88% of readers will trust online reviews as a personal recommendation, according to BrightLocal.com. Focus on Facebook, Google, and Yelp for online reviews.

  • Identify all the sites that provide reviews to all lawyers and staff
  • Build an onboarding process where you can ask the consumers if they found out about your website through online reviews.
  • Request for a review from your client after a good face-to-face consultation.
  • Hand out professional review cards that also include links to your website.
  • Send out an email to clients and include a link to review their experience.
  1. Out-market your competitors by identifying how much and where to spend:

According to the new Legal Technology Survey Report by the American Bar Association, less than half of the law firms have a good marketing budget. This means that it will be easy for you to out-market your competitors by investing funds in online marketing.

At least 8% of every law firm owner’s gross revenue should be invested in their marketing strategies (personal injury firms should invest more). If you are not spending or investing this much funds, it means that you are not taking online marketing seriously.

Rather than wasting money on print advertisements, invest your money on public relations, meeting expenses, slide presentations, website and blogs, review management, creating a studi9o for video marketing, webinars, podcasts, content writing, directory listings management, marketing association memberships, e-newsletters for the firm, attorney business development reimbursements, annual marketing retreat, charity or political donations, seminars, and sponsorships.

  1. Marketing for Millennials:

75 million people or baby boomers can be reached with TV, radio, newspaper, print, and yellow pages. But if you want to reach more than 80 million people that to millennials, then you should consider online podcasts, news, content marketing, social media, etc. Millennials are the largest and most important generation. They will be expecting:

  • Free downloads, e-books, and blog posts.
  • Engaging content with pictures, infographics, and videos.
  • Sharable content on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Responsive brands that give back to the reader and not just make a profit.
  1. Your Website must be Accessible for Mobile Users:

People spend 70% of the total time on digital media through smartphones. So, expect that most of your clients are visiting your website through smartphones. Your website must contain bigger graphics and easily visible links.

Mobile accessibility elements include:

  • Readable texts
  • Click to call options
  • Email firm options
  • Interactive map option
  • Easy drop-down navigation
  • Handy new buttons
  1. Set up a Video Studio:

According to TubularInsights.com, 80% of your traffic will rely on videos by 2021. Your clients will prefer to watch a 2-minute video than a 2-minute article.

Video blogging will help you represent your brand in a better way and your clients will be able to relate to your brand easily. Videos are also sharable, so if a user’s like a video they can share your content on other platforms. Your video should be typically 90 seconds long.

To create a video studio, you will need an HD camcorder, tripod, and video editing software. You can also set up a room with good lighting with a green screen and microphone.

  1. Your Attorney Bio should be Effective and Informative:

Your attorney should be a virtual voice for you and your business with a 200 to the 300-word limit. Following are the thing you need to include:

  • Whom and what you serve
  • The client problems you have resolved
  • What clients can expect
  • Your journey through law
  • Industry familiarity
  • Case studies of problems you resolved
  • Client testimonials
  • Hot issues in the current industry
  • And an engaging video
  1. Consider Facebook as your top Social Media Marketing Platform:

Facebook is considered more effective than any other social media platform. According to statistics, 74% of Facebook users are active daily. 54% of the consumers stated that they would prefer a lawyer who is active on social media.

Facebook facts that are important:

  • Has more engagement than Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Highest Percentage of daily sessions.
  • The Highest percentage of daily users.
  • Facebook is where most of the Americans get the daily news.
  • 34% of the people find help such as a lawyer, accountant, or a doctor on Facebook than any other platform.

Digital marketing is booming and every business must practice optimizing digital marketing strategies. With a pandemic affecting the world, most of the marketers would hesitate but you need to leverage these times and ensure success when this pandemic is over. 

Article by Robert Pinchuck