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CFPB and NY Attorney General file Federal Court Action against Debt Buyers
Low Mortgage Rates boosts Capability of First-Time Home Buyers
Borrowers allege Nationstar, Bank of America added Balloon Fees to Mortgages
Predatory Lending a Problem in Arizona
Feds go after Deceptive Car-Title Lenders
Proposed Rules aim to close Payday Lending Debt Trap
Payday Lenders tout Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback
Mortgage Company accused of Unlawful Practices

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FDIC Issues proposed Guidance on Third-Party Lending
Are You ready to Comply with the CFPB's Final Amended Mortgage ...
CFPB publishes 900-Page Final Rule on Mortgage Servicing
Initial Industry Reaction to CFPB Debt Collection Proposal
Little Change in LendingClub Loans since Madden Decision
Supreme Court declines to review Second Circuit Decision subjecting ...
Transaction Documents are Challenging Part of Mortgage Process
Raleigh County resident files Suit against JP Morgan Chase

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