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 Bankruptcy and 
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WebRecon Consumer 
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Should I buy Life Insurance to 
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 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
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Here's the Dodgy Payday Lender behind that 'Grassroots' White House Petition
Feds Green-Light Cell Phone Robocalls to Collect Debts
Envelope's Display of Internal Tracking Number does not violate FDCPA, New ...
Consumer Litigation increases Across the Board
U.S. Senator introduces 'Stop Debt Collection Abuse Act of 2015'
FTC announces Agenda, Panel Topics for Debt Collection Dialogue
Wisconsin Unit seeks Support for Collectors working Remotely
FTC Launches Operation Collection Protection

Reports of 'Phantom Debt Collection Scams' Continue
US Regulator shoots down 'do not track' Requirement
How to Identify a Phone Scam
Color of Money: The Anatomy of a Debt-Relief Scam
The Anatomy of a Debt-Relief Scam
Scammers claim to be Debt Collectors, threaten Arrest
BBB launches New 'scam tracker' Website
Phone Identity Fraud is the new Low-Hanging Fruit for Crooks

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File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can stop Foreclosure Immediately
Should You choose Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy?
Sixth Circuit files Win for Bankruptcy Debtors harassed during Automatic Stay
Busted! Sixth Circuit holds Creditor's Threat to pursue Criminal Charges ...
TrustBuddy Files for Bankruptcy as Situation is deemed "Increasingly Complex"
Bankruptcy Case could make it Easier to Shed Student Loans
Big Ninth Circuit Win for 'Chapter 20' Debtors
More Households entering Retirement with Debt

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Action 9 exposes Debt Collectors breaking the Rules
Ohio sues NY Debt Collector accused of harassing and misleading Ohioans
Unscrupulous Debt Collection Agencies are a Plague on Consumers and WNY
Court Collection Company JCS flees State
ACA hosts Interactive Webinar on HIPAA Compliance
What can be done Right Now to Fix the Legal System for Debt Collection
Class Action Suit filed claiming Orleans Parish 'debtors’ prison'
ACA Members continue Support of ARMing Heroes for Sixth Year

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AG Office: Consumers have Rights against Debt Collectors
Attorney General Lisa Madigan joining FTC Crackdown on Harassing Debt
Debt Collectors now can Robocall to collect Student Loans
Company settles Charges about its Advertising, Debt Collection Practices ...
Class Action Lawsuit filed against United Collections Bureau over Alleged ...
Calif. Woman sues Debt Collector for alleged Phone Spam
Is Midland Funding even aware of the CFPB Consent Order?
Ohio Fees for Debt Collection Questioned

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Latest Budget Deal includes TCPA Exception for Government Debt Collection ...
Function Point, Technical Debt Drive CAST's Inclusion in Software ...
CFPB Monthly Report turns its attention to Credit Card Products
F-Tech Solutions has become one of the Most Recognized Asset Locator ...
Important Decision on Applicable Data Protection Law
Fico ships Calculator for Responsible Lending and Debt Collection
Experian Hack exposes Info of 15 Million T-Mobile Customers
Aiful Corporation uses Cloud Solution to reduce Collection Costs

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Buying a Home without a Great Credit Score
CFPB's Fall Supervisory Highlights reveal a focus on Credit Reporting (part 1)
FBI takes a bullet in Banks' $50 billion Fee War with Retailers
3 New Equifax Credit-Based Marketing Products
New Technology in Credit Cards leads to Headaches for Some
Conversion to Chip-Enabled Credit Cards Underway ... Slowly
CFPB Chief encouraged by Consumer Credit Market
How long can Charge-Offs hurt My Credit?

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CFPB orders another Auto Lender to pay $3.28 Million to Settle Claims for ...
California Attorney General announces settlement with JPMorgan ...
Breaking the High-Interest Payday Loan Cycle
Scam by Callers Claiming to be from Advance America Expands into Kentucky
Why You should settle Your Defaulted Second Mortgage or HELOC Now
Mortgages, Debt Collectors top List of Consumer Complaints
CFPB takes Action against Indirect Auto Lender over its Debt Collection ...
Bank of America Corp, Wells Fargo & Co Top Mortgage Complaint List

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3 Tactics Debt Collectors can't use on Military Personnel
CFPB Releases Fall 2015 Report touting Recovery of Millions through ...
Do I have to pay a Judgment if My Debt was Forgiven?
The Consumer Rights you're giving away
6 Points for CFPB to consider before revamping Debt Collection Policies
Does the CFPB really help Consumers?
Can Someone Else negotiate with Debt Collectors for Me?
Can an App Fix Debt Collectors' Image?

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The FTC Coordinates with Federal, State, and Local Authorities in ...
Challenging FTC Regulation of Cyber-Security after FTC v. Wyndham
Court to Consider Suit over Bad Data
FTC announces Red Light on unqualified Green Seals
Debtor cannot use FDCPA as Enforcement Mechanism for Arbitration Provision
Uniting to Regulate For-Profits
Charleston Man sues Debt-Collecting Law Firm for its Practices
FTC blasts 11th Circ.'s Reading of 'Debt Collector'

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Zoeller opposes Student-Loan Debt Collectors Robocalling
11 Senators aim to Block Robocalls to those with Student Loans
UCF Resources seek to Aid Students with Legal Cases
What this One Lawsuit could mean for Your Student Loans
Forget the Social Security "Lockbox" if You fail to meet this New ...
Students may not be taking Full Advantage of Loan Repayment Options
Community-College Borrowers who Default are those with the Least Debt
Financial Experts break down Debt Collection and Social Security Benefits

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Triumph Litigation re-launches Website with Added Features
FCA focusing on affordability as part of Payday Loan Regulation, says Expert
FCA Action Highlights wider concerns with Consumer Credit Lending Practices
Debt Collector Collection House predicts Record Profit but Slower Growth, as ...
Call Centre Firm Teleperformance creating 800 Jobs in Co Fermanagh
Should Creditors dip into Bankrupts' Pension Pots?
Debt Recovery giant's ABS launch coincides with Acquisition and Merger
Counties urged to embrace Technology to improve Revenue Base

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Social Security tells Disabled Woman to pay 40-Year-Old Debt
US Sen. Ed Markey pushes bill to prevent Robocalls over Federal Student ...
Federal Court finds Corinthian College liable for $530M
Court puts TCPA Case filed against Member on hold until D.C. Circuit rules ...
Georgia Court sheds light on CFPB's Power to sue Companies that ...
11th Circuit Opinion - FDCPA does not apply to Debt Acquirers if not 'Debt ...
Two Firms, Two Lawsuits and a Twisted Tale of Consumer Debt Settlement
Enumclaw tackles Unpaid Court Fines with New Collection Agency

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