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Debt Collectors Can't Pay 
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Creditors Rights 
in Bankruptcy

The CLLA Attorney Role in 
the Hunter Warfield Debt ...

 Bankruptcy and 
Creditors Rights

WebRecon Consumer 
Litigant Scrub Process

Should I buy Life Insurance to 
pay off Student Loans at My ...

 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
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 Debt Collection Agency Marketing
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"Advanced Collection 
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3 Debt Collection 
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Portland to use Collections Agency to go after Arts Tax
FCC Proposes Rules to Limit the Use of Robocalls to Collect Debts Owed to ...
Bankruptcy Code Doesnt Conflict With Debt Collection Statute
New Jersey District Court Rules in Favor of Debt Collector
U.S. Supreme Court rules "Real" Harm required to recover Statutory Damages
Supreme Court Rules in FDCPA Case
Understanding how the FDCPA applies to First Party Creditors
Murphy bill would stop tapping Social Security to pay Student Loans

Federal Trade Commission Scam Alert: Jobs too Good to be True usually are
Stricter Measure against Identity Theft is among New Laws signed by Gov. ...
Beware of the Federal Student Tax Scam
After McCaskill Push, Five Arrested in IRS Impersonation Scam
California Assembly passes Legislation protecting Victims of Identity Theft
BBB Alert - Phishing Email Posing as a Dropbox Share Alert
Rhode Island Attorney General: IRS Scams are getting more Aggressive
FTC to Mail Checks to Consumers Victimized by Alleged Debt Collection ...

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How to find a Bankruptcy Attorney
Personal Finance: Creditors playing Ping-Pong with Debtors
Supreme Court adopts a Broad Reading of "Actual Fraud" Under the ...
When Bankruptcy is the Best Option
Fraudulent Transfer Judgments may Survive a Debtor's Bankruptcy Filing
Developer Brandon Woodrome accused of $6 Million Loan Fraud
Bankruptcy Attorneys sue Colleges to demand return of Tuition Payments
Attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group successfully stop Foreclosure ...

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Team Mentality Rules at Automated Collection Service
Man accuses North Shore Agency of Unlawful Collection Practices
Enhanced Recovery Co. accused of Misrepresenting Debt
Debt Collector accused of Violating Law
Michigan Residents allege Money Recovery collects Illegal Fees
Credit Protection Association settles FCRA Violations for $72,000
Providers collect more Revenue due to ACA Medicaid Expansion
Debt Collection Firm to pay $1 Million Fine

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Debtors Claim violation of Consumer Protection Law
Lawyer sues Student Loan Servicer over Bar Prep Debt Discharged in ...
ACA International White Paper shows How Outdated TCPA only serves to ...
Proposal would Ax Automatic Arbitration in Financial Industry
Judgment in Class-Action Lawsuit rules against Debt Collector
NY Man must repay Moonachie Business $44k for Phony Legal Services ...
Debtor accuses Bank of Harassment in Collection Attempt
Debt Collectors Sue over Medical Bills as Small as $60

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FTC settles Case against Vulcun for Force-Installing Apps
Modernize TCPA, ACA International Urges in White Paper
TVC Capital backs Software Firm Docupace
Washington seeks Better Control of Fintech Companies
Post Office launches E-Registered Mail
PaymentVision named to Top Collection Products List for 2016
FCC trying to Minimize Annoyances from New Robocall Debt Collection ...
Workday gives Debt Collectors Predictive Analytics Software

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Turning Fair Credit into Good Credit
Debt Collection Agencies' Biggest Problem: Medicaid Expansion
3 Ways You Don't Control Your Credit Score
Survey finds U.S. Consumers would pay for a Credit Card with Built In ...
Supreme Court vacates Ninth Circuit Decision in Spokeo, Remands for ...
Credit Report is more than FICO Scores
2016 ARM Industry Survey Report reveals New Trends in Payment Collection ...
Global Card and Payment Industry: Market Research Report

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Raleigh County resident files Suit against JP Morgan Chase
Debt Buyer wins Principal but misses out on $500,000 interest in Old Loan ...
Prosper, Other Online Lenders put under NY State's Microscope
When a Debt Collector demands $40,000 for a $300 Loan
Pasco Lawyer accused of altering Documents in Foreclosure Cases
Biggest Blow ever Dealt to the Predatory Short-Term Lending Industry
Proposed Rule would allow Class-Action Suits against Banks
A look at Who benefits from Income-Driven Repayment Plans

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Prompt Response is Best when Debt Collector comes Calling
CFPB Arbitration Rule: What you need to know
John Oliver heroically takes on the Debt-Collection Industry
CFPBs Latest Monthly Complaint Snapshot Highlights Issues related to ...
Private Debt-Collection Lawyers allowed to use State Letterheads when the ...
5 Checks to improve Commercial Collections
What We've learned about the Debt Collection Lawsuit Machine
Most Common Complaints about Debt Collectors

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Practice Fusion and FTC Settle Complaint over Deceptive Statements about ...
7th Cir. holds No FDCPA Violation for Filing Suit without Intent to Proceed to ...
That Kay Diamond may come with a Debt Collector
Claim Preclusion leads to Dismissal in District Court's Mortgage ...
FTC clarifies Credit Reporting Compliance Requirements
FTC Granted 2-Week Reprieve in effort to block Pennsylvania Hospital Merger
FDCPA Violations for Estimated Fees and Costs in Reinstatement and ...
Consumer accuses Debt Collection Agency of Telephone Harassment

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For-Profit College Accreditor faces Existential Regulatory Threat
Woes for ITT, a For-Profit School, Bode Worse for its Students
For-Profit College Industry, in Freefall, Convenes in Florida
New Law Firm Monitor for Zenith: Like the Old One, It Represented Corinthian
Maine Woman sues to stop Collection of Student Loans she says she ...
Student Loan Debtors fail to Qualify for Home Loans, Inhibit Home Sales
Student Loans: Continued Focus of Federal Agencies
CFPB continues to assist Student Loan Borrowers

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Greek Finance Ministry prepares 'Black List' of Debtors towards the State
Bill to Protect People who are in Debt passes Second Reading
Ruthless Debt Collection Firm in the Dock for hounding Telstra Customers
Law Toughens on Recklessness Creditors
Chapter 9 Bankruptcy isn't the Only Option for Puerto Rico
Alberta to cut Interest Costs, Broaden Repayment Rules on Payday Loans
Encore Capital Group Employees to Present at National Association of ...
Puerto Rico defaults on $422M Debt Payments

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Reporters can't Shield Sources of Info on Judge
CFPB files Supplemental Amicus Brief in Third Circuit FDCPA Case to ...
New Iowa Law on Court Debt aims to keep Drivers on Road
Supreme Court expands Fraud Exception to Favor Creditors
Eleventh Circuit Holds that Debt Collection Letters sent to a Consumer's ...
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Complaint to proceed in Philadelphia ...
House Democrats join Senate Colleagues with introduction of Identical ...
District Court takes on Electronic Dispute Options under the FDCPA

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