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 Bankruptcy and 
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WebRecon Consumer 
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Should I buy Life Insurance to 
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 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
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Gambling Debt Collection Case alleges Women 'shills' for High Rollers
Former Corinthians Students sue ED over Debt Collection
IRS Announces Private Collection Firms - They Start In The Spring
AG's Office gets $195K Judgment against Fla. Debt Collector
CUs still exempt from FDCPA, CUNA tells CFPB
Collections Company forced to pay W.Va.
FTC announces Permanent Ban for New York Debt Collector
Suing a Debt Collector? Now They Can Buy Your Lawsuit

SCAM ALERT: Fake Debt Collectors and Company Confusion
College Students urged to take Steps to prevent Identity Theft
Consumers should demand Security Freezes after Massive Yahoo Breach
Dodd's Identity Theft Resolution Act Signed into Law
New Scam pushing People to pay with iTunes Gift Cards
5 Scams targeting College Students
Dodd's Identity Theft Resolution Bill heads to Governor
Scam Alert - Successful Phishing

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Bankruptcy Attorney has No Standing to Bring Class Action Discrimination ...
Counsel's Corner: Bankruptcy Rules and the CFPB
Chapter 7 Debtor's Case dismissed after Court finds that She is Judicially ...
ITT files for Bankruptcy after Shutdown
Commercial and Consumer Bankruptcy Filings increased compared to ...
Understanding the Oft ignored Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition
Atlas Resource Partners Disclosure Statement approved, Plan confirmed
Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney revealed Methods to get Rid of Debts

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Man alleges Debt Collectors garnished Wages for Debt He doesn't Owe
Asset Management Services Group among entities accused of violating ...
Debt Collector Banned from Collection Business
Legal Pleadings Subject to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Roxanne Baker named as One of 25 Most Influential Women in Collections
MD Collections accused of sending Collection Letters that violate Debt Laws
Collection Agency finds Jobs for Those in Debt
Encore Receivable Management accused of Telephone Harassment

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Consumer accuses Capital One of Unfair Collection Practices
Alleged Forged Signatures the Subject of Class Action against Debt Collectors
Class Action Lawsuit says Debt Collector attempted to collect Debts that ...
AG's Office gets $195K Judgment against Fla. Debt Collector
Comenity Bank accused of violating Collection Law
Woman claims Capital One Financial Corp. called Her Several Times despite ...
Minnesota Attorney General sues Jamaican Call Centre
Garnishment Action accuses Lawyer of using Unpaid Judgment to block ...

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Voiptime Cloud Predictive Dialer for Improved Debt Collection
Alliance Data receives Workforce Training Funds to create 364 Jobs
Bounce Back Rewards (TM) announces New Collection Incentive for the ...
Point and Click Dialing Software does not have the "Capacity" to be an ...
Florida Court dismisses TCPA Claim Holding Technology used to make ...
5 Ways to get Electronic Payments Right
TCN announces Integration Partnership with the InterProse Corporation
Apple and Google join Alliance to combat Automated Phone Calls

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Sweeping New Federal Regulations for the Prepaid Industry
Banking Commission slaps Credit Agency
Pair of CBE Speakers to Present at Midwest Compliance Symposium
Curve raises $3 Million to Aggregate all your Bank Cards into One
The Importance of building a Personal Credit History
NJ Appeals Court: Shorter Time Frame applies to Retail Credit Card Debt ...
Phin Solutions Inc. announces New Executive Vice President of Sales and ...
Santa Clara's State Senator wins one for Consumers

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Feds go after Deceptive Car-Title Lenders
TitleMax Parent hit with $9M Penalty
Attorneys for Leawood Payday Loan Mogul ask Judge to drop some Charges
Mortgage Debt increases as Housing Wealth rises almost 2 per cent
Proposed Rules aim to close Payday Lending Debt Trap
Payday Lenders tout Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback
Mortgage Company accused of Unlawful Practices
FDIC Issues proposed Guidance on Third-Party Lending

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Learn to develop Professional Practices and Policies in ACA's upcoming ...
How Private Probation perpetuates Debtors' Prisons
Prescribed Debt Resurrected
Beware Debt Settlement Advertisements
Things that affect Your Credit if You're a Business Owner
Do Debt Management Plans Work?
Most recent CFPB Supervisory Highlights feature FCRA, Low Compensation ...
New Risk Watch Video addresses the CFPB and Debt Collection

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FTC obtains $1.3 Billion Judgment for Payday Lending Scheme
Monthly Consumer Litigation increases for FDCPA; TCPA Cases Decline
FTC hosts "Putting Disclosures to the Test" Workshop
FTC releases Staff Perspectives on Lead Generation
FTC resolves "Operation Collection Protection" Charges; Bans Companies ...
New Credit Cards are more Secure, but it's always Good to be Alert
FTC bans New York Debt Collector; resolves 2015 "Operation Collection ...
Spokeo's Impact on Eleventh Circuit FDCPA Case

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Should the Education Department hear Class Actions when Colleges Collapse?
9th Cir. rules every Debt Collector - not just First to Communicate - must ...
The Government's Plan to reduce Student-Loan Defaults helps Borrowers ...
College Debt Collection Practices under Scrutiny
Students still have Options after ITT Tech abruptly Closes
New Advisory Group to review Student Debt Collection in Ohio
FCC meets with Strike Force on Student Loan Robocalls
Student Debt can Balloon with Little Notice

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Debt Collection Agencies are helping Businesses to boost Profits says UK ...
Debt Standoff leaves Greece at Risk
U.K. Payday Lender will Refund more than ($44 million) to nearly 100,000 ...
Canadian Household Debt soars to Record-High Level in Q2 2016
Debt Collection ABS pledges to undertake "Genuine" No-Win, No-Fee
UK Economy shows Signs of Recovery from Brexit Vote
BMO freezes Woman's Account, including Child Support
How will Brexit affect Debt Recovery in the UK?

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11th Cir. confirms Third-Party Garnishments not Subject to FDCPA Venue ...
Retailer agrees to Settlement with States
Attempts to collect Time-Barred Debt provide Fertile Ground for FDCPA ...
11th Circuit says Mortgage Insurer not Debt Collector
CA Court weighs in on "True Lender" Issue as CFPB expands its UDAAP ...
Lawsuit challenges Arkansas District Ct. with Implementing a 'Debtor/s Prison'
Massachusetts to hold Public Meeting on Debt Collection Regulations in ...
Ninth Circuit rules that Court can acknowledge Context of Communications ...

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