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FDCPA Certifications 

Debt Collectors Can't Pay 
Their Own Debts 07.10.14

Creditors Rights 
in Bankruptcy

The CLLA Attorney Role in 
the Hunter Warfield Debt ...

 Bankruptcy and 
Creditors Rights

WebRecon Consumer 
Litigant Scrub Process

Should I buy Life Insurance to 
pay off Student Loans at My ...

 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
w/ Ron Brown

 Debt Collection Agency Marketing
Talk - Social Media and Debt ...

"Advanced Collection 
Techniques, or Pay Up!"

3 Debt Collection 
Agency Tips

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CFI's FDCPA Educational Grant Increased to $100,000!
DeVry University Students to Benefit from $100 Million FTC Settlement
A St. Louis Suburb Jailed nearly 2,000 People for not Paying Fines
Bank Lobby presses for Commission to lead Consumer Watchdog Agency
Class-action Lawsuit against Nebraska Debt Collector settled for $198K
Under Trump, Proposed Rules on Consumer Debt Collection are Uncertain
New York Debt Collection Company Co-Owner pleads Guilty in $31M Scheme
ConServe receives IRS Contract

Fraud Scheme exposed Private Info of 10,000 People, Prosecutors Allege
DHS supports Technology to Enhance Internet Authentification
Victim of Loan Modification Scams
IRS warns of a New Tax Bill Scam
Trump slams Stein Recount Effort as Money Grab Scam
As Holiday Season gets underway, Advice for Consumers
Consumers Duped by Telemarketing Debt Collection Scheme will soon see ...
BBB: How to Safeguard Yourself against Medical Identity Theft

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CFPB files SCOTUS Amicus Brief in FDCPA Case on filing Bankruptcy Proof ...
Debtors who misuse Collateral can lose the Benefit of Discharging Their Debt ...
Proposed Amendments to the Bankruptcy Code could adversely affect ...
Latest Sears Loss fuels Bankruptcy Speculation
Overpaid UI Benefits nondischargeable in Bankruptcy Case, says Court
8 Ways to avoid Bad Debts, Bankruptcy Court
Secured Creditors are Rejoicing over the Ninth Circuit's Decision overruling ...
ITT Tech Lender moves to reclaim Cash

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International Recovery Systems, Others accused of Violating Law in ...
Man alleges Debt Collectors sent Letter to Incorrect Address so He wouldn't ...
6 charged in Debt Collection Fraud Scheme
Commissioners won't Act as Debt Collectors for State
Founder of Commercial Financial Services, Bill Bartmann, dies at 68 during ...
Shifts in Consumer Contact channel Preference are driving Changes in ...
Choice Recovery receives Coveted Torch Award for Ethics
Debt Collector gets Five Years in Prison for Defrauding Thousands

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This Lawsuit claims Feds needlessly force Disabled Borrowers to lose ...
Delta Account Systems Inc. alleged to have used False Information to ...
Big Law Firm sued Client for $16K in Unpaid Fees
New York AG, CFPB join forces to fight Illegal National Debt Collection Scheme
$11 Million Judgment entered against Debt Collectors in FTC Action
Some get Refunds as Mass. AG looks at MEFA Billing Company
Court Rules Debt Collector must pay $3.9 million and go to Prison
Georgia B2B Debt Collection Attorney featured in Attorney at Law Magazine

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VIQ Solutions announces Company is Debt Free after Early Repayment of ...
FCC continues TCPA Promotional Campaign
FCC holds Webinar on "How to Deal with Robocalls"
TD Bank App curbs Consumer Spending
FCA 'committed' to Consumer Credit Regulation, says Expert, as New ...
Autodialed Text Messages fall under TCPA Restrictions
Computer Security Software maker Symantec to buy LifeLock for $2.3 bn
eConsumerServices: Financial Literacy tackles $50B Lost to Fraud

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CFPB reports 32% Increase in Credit Card Complaints
How a Balance Transfer can increase Your Credit Score
Take these Steps to protect Your Credit Score during the Holidays
How to protect Your Credit Score during the Holidays
Credit Cards and Divorce: What You Should Know
8 Credit Repair Mistakes that will cost You
After Five Years in Court, West Virginia finds Plaintiff did not Waive Right to ...
Accepting Credit Cards in a High-Risk Industry

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DOJ settles with Ohio Banks over Alleged Lending Discrimination
Payday Lender Moneytree agrees to $500K Federal Fine over Deceptive ...
Lenders' Outlook for 2017 Dimming
Low Mortgage Rates are Going, Going, Gone -- Here's What to Do
CFPB Ombudsman addresses Mortgage Complaints and Database Issues
FCC confirms Mortgage Servicing Calls require Consent under TCPA
Barney Frank warns against Hasty Repeal of Dodd-Frank Act
Caliber Home Loans accused of violating Debt Collection Law

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Consumer Credit Counseling Service suggests 3 Important Financial ...
3 Easy-Does-It Dollars & Sense Personal Resolutions for 2017
7 Money Tips for paying off Big Debt
Federal Student Loans differ from other Debt
Degrees of Debt: The downside of Federal Student Loans
ACA International issues latest White Paper on Business Practices and ...
What will you lose if Consumer Financial Protection goes away?
Debt after Death: 10 Things You Need to Know

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Debt Collection Issues at Top of Complaints List from U.S. Consumer Agency
Middle District of Florida defines Settlement Communications allowed under ...
FTC sues Joel Tucker, Brother of Leawood Payday Loan Magnate, for selling ...
Millions of American Consumers are complaining to the FTC
With the FTC Watching for Disclosure Violations, Marketers can lessen ...
Lawsuit alleges Violations of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
What to expect from the FTC
Envelope's Display of Barcode with Embedded Account Number does not ...

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Resolve Your Student Loan Default In 2017
Seniors' Social Security Benefits docked over Student Debt
Obama Administration's race to handle For-Profit College Student Debt
New Call for Debt Relief before Obama leaves
Over $100 Billion Student Debt will be Forgiven in the U.S
Xerox pays $2.4M to settle Allegations it overcharged Student Loan Borrowers
Is Student Loan Debt really 'Good Debt'?
Air Force Veteran sues Collection Agency and Pacific Lutheran University ...

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Payday Loans are capped. Now let's tackle other High-cost Credit
Clampdown on Federal Student Debt leads to Small Bump in Collections
China's Grip on US Debt weakens as its Currency Crumbles
Court Debt Repayment Plans can shield Clients from Interest and Creditors
Debt Collection Agency failed to check Accuracy of Information
Receivership - Debt Collection Remedy for Secured Creditors
Europe's Top Debt Collector says $2 billion Deal not Enough
Experts stress Reforms to reduce Foreign Debt

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Requesting Attorneys' Fees in Court Summons does not Misrepresent ...
Ninth Circuit affirms Finding that Defendant Trustee was not a "Debt Collector"
NJ Fed. Court holds 18 Calls over Two Weeks - Mostly Unanswered - Did not ...
First National Collection Bureau Inc. alleged to have sent Misleading ...
Ninth Circuit finds Foreclosure Trustee isn't Debt Collector under Federal Law
District Court declines to exercise Supplemental Jurisdiction and dismisses ...
Two Federal Courts deliver Differing Decisions in Lawsuits with Spokeo ...
No Debt Payments for 36 Months no longer Triggers Debt Cancellation ...

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