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 Bankruptcy and 
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WebRecon Consumer 
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Should I buy Life Insurance to 
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 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
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Murphy bill would stop tapping Social Security to pay Student Loans
CFPB releases FDCPA Annual Report
Second Circuit resolves Lower Court Split over Interest and Late Fees in ...
Congress to Test CFPB Director again
Fired, Then Rehired
CFPB Director Cordray Touts Success and Future Agenda
Naughty Debt Collectors draw Consumers' ire
Debt Collectors replaces Identity Theft in Complaints

Feds Crack Down on 'Phantom Debt Collection' Scheme
Florida Better Business Bureau issues Alert on Fraudulent Debt Collection Calls
FTC returns Money to Consumers harmed by Scam that collected Millions ...
U.S. District Court halts Debt Collection and Selling Scam
BBB''s Scam Tracker a Valuable Tool for Consumers
People 50 to 59 targeted most for Identity Theft
AG Schneiderman reminds Consumers to be on Alert against Phony ...
Fake Debt Collectors harass New Mexico Residents

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643,000 Americans go Bankrupt every year over Medical Bills
For Secured Lenders, a Consumer Debtor's Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing ...
The Ultimate Arizona Bankruptcy Guide - Pt. 5 - The Automatic Stay
Judge says Citibank's Law-School Loan isn't "Student Debt"
Judge Rules Bankrupt Law Grad can cancel some Debt
Local Bankruptcies hit Seven-Year Low
District Court reverses Bankruptcy Court Ruling that State Criminal ...
Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Christina Fiallo launches New Debt Relief ...

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Debt Collection Statute of Limitations Bill passes in Maryland General ...
California Woman dials up Class Action vs Chicago Debt Collector Harris & ...
Veterans, Military Families most at-risk for Deceptive Debt Collectors
Military Members lodge Thousands of Complaints against Debt Collectors
Statute of Limitations bars FDCPA-Related Complaint against N.J. Law Firms
Poplar Bluff to send Internet Provider's Debt to Collections Agency
Debt Collector embraces Compassion, Kindness
Internal Revenue Service hiring Private Debt Collectors for Outstanding Taxes

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Man harassed by Debt Collector wins $10M Award
Know Your Rights when Dealing with Debt Collectors
Massachusetts Division of Banks reverses Opinion on Attorney Licensing
North West Law Firms join Lawyers Inc
AG orders Debt Collector to stop its Efforts in WV
Commercial Debt Recovery Firm Johnson, Morgan & White names New ...
California Woman alleges United Receivables violated TCPA
Property Buyers accuse Sellers of charging Excessive Interest, Harassment

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Payment Processor charged with participating in Telemarketing Scheme ...
Dialing Practices and ATDS Use Matter
ED announces Ambitious Plan to create Loan and Debt Management Software
A look at Virtual Currency Technology from Both Sides of the Table Declares Credit Card Processing Specialists ...
Sales Analytics can Aid Cash Flow
Credit Adjustments, Inc. defeats Putative TCPA Class Action
OnProcess Technology and Comcast to discuss Analytics-Driven Asset ...

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How to Collect Money You are Owed
Five Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to build Your Credit Score
US Credit Card Debt nears $1 Trillion
Credit Card Issuers have to May 2 to resume sending Agreements to CFPB
Big Data is overhauling Credit Scores
Average U.S. Household owes Nearly $8,000 in Credit Card Debt
CFPB Supervisory Highlights Hone in on Credit Reporting and Student Loan ...
The Plastic Pleasures of Life: Coping with terrible Spending Habits

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CFPB Study finds Payday Loan Borrowers Hit with Fees
Fourth Circuit rejects Arbitration Clause waiving Federal Statutory Rights
Controversial Debt Buyers get a break under New Law
Debt Buyers get a Break under New State Law
Online Lenders drawing Scrutiny
Alaska Supreme Court extends FDCPA Coverage to Trustees involved in ...
Unanswered Questions in Online Lending
Six Billion Dollar Businesses preying on Poor People

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New Study indicates Medicaid Expansion helps Consumers with Medical Debt
Purdue offers Cutting-Edge Answer to Debt
The Phone keeps Ringing ... But is it a Residential Line and was an ...
How Facebook can help You Eliminate a Default Judgment
If you don't pay attention to your Debt Collection Practices, the CFPB will
New Student Loan Report reveals Promising Repayment Trends
Tips for Successful Debt Collection
Mortgage Compliance in Perspective

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Summary Judgment Granted against Debt Collector in FTC Action
Couple sue Mortgage Provider for Alleged Fraud, Breach of Contract
FTC: Web-Based Tool clarifies Law for Mobile App Developers
Debt Buying Law doesn't meet FTC Standard
Education Department continues Business with Debt Collectors it accused ...
FTC's Annual FDCPA Enforcement Letter to CFPB filled with Insight into ...
CFPB Calls for Complaints about Marketplace Lenders
Florida tops Fraud-Related, Consumer Complaints List

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New Student Loan Repayment Process may help end Confusion
One Texas Judge is Responsible for most of the Student Debt-Related ...
Cynthia Dill: We won't be fooled again on Private Student Loans
U.S. Department of Education sued for refusal to release Information
Corinthian fined nearly $1.2 Billion
7 Ways Corinthian Colleges gamed the System
Student Loan Companies: Deceptive or just confusing?
Student Loans and Student Choice

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90% of Debt Collection Agencies' Work are Exhortations and Egregious ...
Deal between Lenders and Greece on Reforms within Reach
Canada heads down the Path to Debilitating Debt Again
Debt Collection Company Arrow Global to buy InVesting B.V
College Students Vulnerable to Online Lenders' Illegal Interest Rates
Federal Budget comes as Canadians fear for Financial Security
UK Consumer Debt Collection and Debt Purchase Market Insight Report 2016
Marco Rubio finally stands up (sort of) against For-Profit College Scams

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District Court takes on Electronic Dispute Options under the FDCPA
Second Circuit says Debt Collectors must disclose Potential Interest and Fees
2nd Cir. holds Providing Only 'Current Balance' on increasing Debt violates ...
A Tie in the Supreme Court and a Fourth Circuit Win for Debt Collection
District Court finds Discovery Rule inapplicable in FDCPA Cases
Appeals Panel puts Debt Collector back on Hook for Class Action over ...
Second Circuit holds that Class Action seeking "Meaningless" Relief ...
Legal Reform Expert Harold H. Kim to speak at Washington Insights ...

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