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FDCPA Certifications 

Debt Collectors Can't Pay 
Their Own Debts 07.10.14

Creditors Rights 
in Bankruptcy

The CLLA Attorney Role in 
the Hunter Warfield Debt ...

 Bankruptcy and 
Creditors Rights

WebRecon Consumer 
Litigant Scrub Process

Should I buy Life Insurance to 
pay off Student Loans at My ...

 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
w/ Ron Brown

 Debt Collection Agency Marketing
Talk - Social Media and Debt ...

"Advanced Collection 
Techniques, or Pay Up!"

3 Debt Collection 
Agency Tips

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Lawsuit Revived against Big Debt Collection Firm in New York
CFPB blurs line between Enforcement, Regulation
Credit Errors should be Fixed Faster under New Agreement with 31 States
$82 Million Verdict sends a Powerful Message to Debt Collectors

FTC Returns Money to Consumers in Phantom Debt Collection Scam

CFPB Launches Public Inquiry into Student Loan Servicing Practices
Unscrupulous Debt Collectors generate 88,300 Complaints a Year
Consumer Lawsuits and CFPB Complaints against Debt Collectors increase ...

FTC, Georgia NAACP to Host Free Community "Scam Jam" in Atlanta on ...
Bamboozled: How to catch Bogus Debt Collectors in the Act
Bogus Collectors convince People to pay on Fake Debts
Scams involving the IRS
Court shuts down Credit Repair "Scam" that Targeted Latinos
Tips for remaining Vigilant against Medical Identity Theft
New York AG's Tips for avoiding Income Tax Scams
Report: Identity theft, fraud complaints soar in Pa.

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Supreme Court rules that an Order denying Confirmation of a Chapter 13 Plan ...
Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase agree to Erase Debts from Credit ...
Rachel M. Blise, Attorney, Foley & Lardner LLP to speak at KC's Event
Bankruptcy Firm says it faced Discrimination
RadioShack still pushing to Auction Customer Personal Data
NC Wage-Garnish Bill would be blow to Families, Boon for Bankruptcies
Guide to Bankruptcy Preference Payments and Creditors'
Debt Consolidation Vs. Bankruptcy: Which Should You Choose?

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Reisterstown Law Firm sued over Debt Collection Practices
How Collection Agencies contribute to Small Business Economy
'No, Really, Regulation's Good for You,' Debt Collector Edition: Weekly Wrap
Midland Credit Management settles with New York City Department of ...
Employees recognize Choice Recovery in Top Workplace Survey
US sues Debt Collection Agencies in Georgia, claiming Fraud
Debt Collection Agencies need more Oversight, Credit Counselor says, CA
What Happens to a Debt Collector that gets Shut Down

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Collection Attorney to run Chicago Marathon
Collection Attorney to run Chicago Marathon
ABA Meeting sheds light on UDAAP Priorities and CFPB's Project Catalyst ...
TCPA Connect - April 2015
California's License Scheme punishes its Poor
Attorney General Highlights Consumer Complaints
Attorney General Mark Herring launching Effort to combat Predatory Lending
Credit Reporting Agencies negotiate with State AGs

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Using GPS Technology for Debt Collection
Improve My Credit USA in Media Spotlight for Debt Solutions
Creditsafe adds Debt Collection Services
Global Debt Registry appoints Kathy Simmermon to EVP of Business ...
CFPB Report examines how CRAs handle Consumer Disputes
ERTH's Newest Partners: Recoverity and Latitude Technologies
AvantCredit acquires and Rebrands
Teleperformance U.S.A., Operation Homefront, and Feed the Children take a ...

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Obama pushing Banks into Riskiest Borrower Pool Yet: 45 Million 'Unscorables'
Survey: Nearly Half of Consumers Monitored Credit Scores in Past Year
How do Balance Transfers impact Your Credit Report?
10 Things Everyone should know about Credit Scores
NACSO applauds Injunction against Fraudulent Credit Repair Services
Credit Reporting Agencies agree to Massive Overhaul
New Study shows Many with Low Credit Scores miss out on Recovery
Top Debt Consolidation Companies Lauded by 10 Best Debt

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J.P. Morgan Chase takes on Mortgage Servicing with Ocwen Deal
How N.J. Pension Money financed the purchase of a 'Predatory' Lender
Debt Addiction: Rethinking the American Dream
Online Lender offers Mortgages to the FICO-Challenged
Morgan Stanley, NY in $500M Settlement Talks: Report
Payday Lenders failing Customers in Arrears, UK
Attorney General Bob Ferguson renews Call to reject Payday Lending Bill
Pending Sales of U.S. Homes rose more than Forecast in February

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Encore Capital: A Differentiated Company in an Undifferentiated Industry
Protect Yourself when you pay off a Collection Agency or Suffer the ...
TECH LOCK Contributes to ARMing Heroes Grant for U.S. Marine Corps ...
Beware! You don't have to pay for Help with Your Student Loans
Dave Ramsey: Should I pay Decade-Old Credit-Card Debt?
I never knew I had a Debt in Collections. What are My Rights?
The CFPB's Controversial New Narrative Complaint Policy
Why your Credit Report Errors will now be Easier to Fix

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Federal Trade Commission returns Money to Consumers in Phantom Debt ...
Attorney Sanctioned for holding back Theory of Debt Case
FTC Settles with Retail Tracking Company that made Privacy Policy ...
CFPB ineffective in obtaining Financial Relief for Victims of Debt Collection ...
FTC settles with Debt Brokers for leaking Sensitive Consumer Information
Third Circuit rules FDCPA Claims can be Based on Foreclosure Complaints
ACA International offers In-Depth Training on FDCPA
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act; Sexual Harassment under Title VII

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ACA is Represented at CFPB Hearing on Student Loan Debt
US Consumer borrowing expanded $20.5 billion in March
US Supreme Court to address Standing to Sue under Federal Statutes when ...
Corinthian Colleges shut down, ending classes for 16,000 overnight
52% of US College Students accept Debt as a Necessary Part of Life
The U.S. Government's $800 Billion Gamble on Student Loans
A Little-Known Student Loan Protection remains Mired in Mystery
Top Large Employer: ConServe shows Respect to Borrowers

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IMF leak Signals 'progress' with Greece, but Threat of Default in June
Third Greek bailout looms as Growth Predictions reduce
Former Clerk's Debt hard to Collect
Financial Institutions suing Customers for Payment
Debt Collectors Phone, Email, Text and Write Letters 65 million times a year
Greece and IMF hold Talks on Crucial Debt Payment
Debt Collection rising in Sweden
International Personal Finance faces Tricky Steps in Europe

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It's time for Arizona Courts to stop trusting Midland Funding
U.S. Government using Subprime Mortgages to pump Housing Market Recovery
NC Bill would roll back Protections against Abusive Debt Collectors
City of Yonkers, New York imposes New Debt Collection Requirements
Sixth Judicial Circuit rules in Creditor's Favor on 559.72(18) claim under FCCPA
CFPB's Latest Supervisory Report signals Enforcement Trends
Telecom Trade Associations seek reconsideration of FCC's New "Treble ...
Bill pushes for possible Municipal Bankruptcies in Illinois

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