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Debt Collectors Can't Pay 
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Creditors Rights 
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The CLLA Attorney Role in 
the Hunter Warfield Debt ...

 Bankruptcy and 
Creditors Rights

WebRecon Consumer 
Litigant Scrub Process

Should I buy Life Insurance to 
pay off Student Loans at My ...

 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
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 Debt Collection Agency Marketing
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"Advanced Collection 
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3 Debt Collection 
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Eighth Circuit rips District Court for failing to rigorously analyze Class ...
Texas Debt Collector sued by Feds
Fake Debt Scams on the rise; now among Top Complaints nationwide, says ...
CFPB Issues A "Warning For All Those In The Mortgage Market" Through ...
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau attempts to regulate Telecom
State expects $10M from New Debt Collections Office
Social Security won't seize Tax Refunds for Old Debts
Payday Lending Practices cost Two Firms $21 million in U.S. Settlement

An Unlikely Condition Precedent to Foreclosure in Florida
Colorado Attorney General issues Latest Warning on Debt Collection Scam
ID Theft, IRA Risks, Stock Scams in 2015
Better Business Bureau warns of Pitfalls of Payday Loans
Man to pay $1.6 million to Victims of Credit Card Fraud
Identity Theft Victims face months of Hassle
The First 3 Things You Must Do if Your Identity is Stolen
Fraudster Must Repay $564K of Student Loans

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RadioShack prepares Bankruptcy Filing
Legal Corner: Exploring Liquidation Bankruptcy
The Bankruptcy Discharge, Debt Buyers, and Credit Reporting: Recent ...
German Corporate Bankruptcies Forecast to rise in 2015
Binder & Binder files for Bankruptcy
Lehman Bros. Investors suffer Setbacks in RMBS Suit
5 Things to Do After Bankruptcy
Aereo Files For Bankruptcy Following 3-year Copyright Fight

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Why a Debt Collection Letter doesn't look like it's from a Debt Collector
Quick Guide to the Typical Debt Collection Timeline (And Why You Should ...
Quick Guide to Stopping Abusive Debt Collection Calls
SCORE Column: When to Call a Collections Agency
Debt Resolve launches Progress Advocates LLC
'Viper' Foley quits as Director of Debt Collection Firm
Debt Collectors praise New Regulation In NY
CFPB Releases Fiscal Year 2014 Financial Report

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Justices take up Case over Attorney Liability in Mortgage Collection
Attorneys boost Call Centre Volumes
Colorado Attorney Generals Office charges Two Additional Foreclosure Law ...
AGs of North Carolina, Virginia Team with CFPB over Debt Collection Issue
Floridians Beware of Scam
Sirius XM refunding Customers who were Automatically Renewed
California fails to collect Billions in Court-Ordered Debt
Nevada AG: How to avoid Debt Collector Scams

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Short Interest of Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. Increases by 12.1%
NewNet Communication Technologies acquires LSSiDATA as part of its Volt ...
CollectPlus 9 Debt Collection Software Standard Edition Launched
Comparing the 2 Largest Processing Systems and Products Companies
Publishers of Anytime Collect Accounts Receivable Management Software to ...
Abacus Finance Supports RenewData Acquisition by WestView Capital
PaymentVision Named to Top Electronic Payment Solutions List for Sixth ...
MicroBilt announces Commitment to PCI DSS 3.0

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CCCS of Nebraska Merges with GreenPath Debt Solutions
ACA's Spring Forum & Expo Registration Now Open
4 Ways to Raise Your Credit Score in 2015
Equifax Wins Multi-Million Dollar UK Government Contract
Turning Fair Credit into Good Credit: How long will it take?
Will an Installment Loan help Credit Score?
Getting paid for What You Do
New Service from Experian ensures Fair Treatment of Those in Debt, UK

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Homeowners billed for Houses lost in Foreclosure
HMDA Data Collection Rules pile onto "to do" List
Predatory Loans Throwing People in Jail in Texas
12 of the Most Aggressive Junk Debt Buyers in Arizona
Payday Businesses unlawfully file 1,500 Criminal Complaints against ...
Debt Cancelled by Bankruptcy still Haunting Borrowers, says Strategic ...
Clergy urge Limits on Payday Lending
Consumer Financial Watchdog delays Payday Lender Regulations until 2015

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Can Consumers Waive the Right to Revoke Consent under the TCPA?
How a Default Judgment is Entered in Arizona and Strategies to Avoid It
The Hidden Student-Debt Bomb
Nonprofit offers Free Advice on how to Rescue Finances
BBB Warns of the Pitfalls of Payday Loans
ACA International issues Tips to avoid Post-Holiday Debt
Trustees and Creditors have different roles in Consumer Bankruptcy Cases
Credit Card Debt second most Common Debt Problem brought to Citizens ...

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FTC accuses Debt Collectors of $16M Scam
Filing Time-Barred Proof of Claim may have FDCPA Implications
FTC approves Settlement Order with Snapchat
Third Circuit further Clarifies Class Action Certification Law
20 Things Debt Collectors are Not allowed to Do
Florida Couple Receives $1 Million from a Federal Judge over Harassing Bank ...
Complaint alleges Debt Collection Practice violates Privacy Law
State AGs urge FTC to strengthen Telemarketing Sales Rule

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The Massively Important Student Loan Form you should File ASAP
National Debt Relief talks about Deferment and Forbearance on Student Loans
National Debt Relief talks about Student Loan Payments of Older Americans
Students and Their Families shoulder Larger Tuition Burden for State Colleges
Senate Banking Chair urges Student Loan Reform
AFL-CIO Targets Navient as Scrutiny over Student Loan Servicing Mounts
Survey: Teens Concerned about Student Loan Debt
What Debt Dies with the Deceased, Which Debt Lives On?

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Greece seen needing New Aid Deal by June to Avert Crunch
Mining Giant takes on Law Firm over Debt Collection
Firms face 'Naming and Shaming' over Rates Debt
Government names Fine Dodgers to recover Hundreds of Millions of Dollars ...
South Auckland DHB hires Debt Collectors to recover $6m
Vietnam's Foreign Debt Repayment reaches $33.1bn in 2013: Finance Ministry
New Zealand's Student Loan Collection Overseas Initiative nets $150 Million
Overseas Student Loans Collection hits $150m

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The Sixth Circuit rules that Statute-of-Limitations Disclosures could help ...
Brooklyn Bar Association Foundation hosts Free Lecture on Debt
IRS issues Final Billing, Collections Guide for Not-for-Profit Hospitals
Seventh Circuit applies What is Left of the Rooker-Feldman Doctrine
TCPA Plaintiff can’t depose In-House Counsel on FCC Talks
Social Security continuing to pursue Claims against Family Members for Old ...
House passes Financial Institution Bankruptcy Act of 2014
Connecticut Judges tell Parents to pay GAL or face Debtor's Prison

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