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What does My Credit 
Score Mean?

Is There Such a Thing as 
Legal Credit Repair?

What is an  
Affidavit Judgment?

Have I Waited Too Late to 
File for Bankruptcy?

The Shrinking Middle Class: 
Fighting Consumer Debt

Bankruptcy Attorney
Student Loan Forgiveness

Objecting to the Mortgage 
Servicer's Proof of Claim in ...

Turn Skip Tracing into 
Skip Collecting

ACA International

Collection Agency Harassment 
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Simple Ways to Improve 
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Intake Tool for 
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How to Find a 
Good Mortgage Lender

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Pt 2 of Home Buying 
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Dealing with 
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How Balances affect 
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IRS seizes Refunds of Taxpayers whose Parents owe the Government Money
ACA Member REMEX Hosts CFPB Fact-Finding Visit
The CFPB, Recent Developments: March 31, 2014 – April 4, 2014
Recovering US outpacing other Major Economies
Richard Cordray: CFPB Is Reimaging Its Rulemaking Process
TCPA Debt Collection calls can only be placed to Cell Phone Subscribers
Process Serving to be Regulated by FCA
Dunning Letters as to Time-Barred Debt Can Violate Fair Debt Collection ...

Beat the Top Three Financial Scams: File A Complaint
How to avoid Hotel Scams, and More
ID theft allows Crooks to submit Fake Tax Returns for Refund Fraud
New Mortgage Scam targets NM Homeowners
Stopping Scammers in Their Tracks
FTC Halts Scammers Preying on Ecommerce Hopefuls
AG Warns about FBI Debt Scam
BBB releases Top 10 List of Scams in 2013

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Dealing with Collection Agency after Foreclosure
Debt Adviser: How to Handle a Charge-Off on an SBA Loan
United States: Debtors' Delusions of Bankruptcy
So You are Bankrupt, Does that mean You can’t Buy a House?
Creditor Fails to Show Willful and Malicious Action
Crossroads helps Quiznos through Bankruptcy Filing
Fifth Third Mistakenly Reports Customers as ‘Bankrupt’
United States: Creditors Deserve Better Bankruptcy Reform

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Debt Collectors Settle with FTC, Agree to Stop Deceiving and Abusing ...
Housing Safeguards Fail to Protect Military Families
ACA International Responds to CFPB’s Report on Debt Collection Complaints
FTC gets TRO against Debt Collector accused of Deceptive, Abusive Practices
Debt Collector Harassment can take on Many Forms
Louisiana Debt Collection Agency being Pieced Together
Making a Settlement with Debt Collectors
Culik Law to Host Free Debt and Credit Workshop in Massachusetts

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Man Sues claiming Credit Debt Collector sent Lawsuit Notices to Wrong ...
Tips on Tax Cheats Fail to Pay Off for Whistleblowers
Is Widow responsible for Husband's Credit Card Debt?
Iowa AG Miller joins 30 Attorney Generals to address Debt Collection Practices
Fishers Debt Collection Firm DECA faces Legal Battles
State AG Announces Top 10 Consumer Complaint Categories For 2013
Woman goes after GM in Collection Lawsuit
Ill. Law Bars FDCPA Suit Against Attys, Appeals Court Finds

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Spending Tracker: Map your Financial Footprint
Mexico's Invex Selects FICO Debt Manager 9 to Transform Collections and ...
Aspect launches Proactive Engagement Suite
GSI Group Announces Closing of JADAK LLC Acquisition
AgriLife Extension Expert: Consumers can Increase Vigilance on Identity Theft
Optimizing Debt Collection
List Management Strategies maximize Debt Collection
Debt Advice Software, Offered to Consumers at No Cost ...

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Check that Credit Bureaus have removed Adverse Information
Credit Card Problems Resolved
5 Easy Ways to Ruin a Perfect Credit Score
5 Areas where Consumers can Financially Downsize, as advised by Debt ...
Should your Credit Score be on Your Bank Statements?
5 Smart Uses for Credit Cards as Revealed by National Debt Relief
Credit Card Consolidation Loan Reveal The 5 Steps of Debt Consolidation Loans
CFPB reviews Debt Collection Issues

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“Zombie” Debt, unlike Its Namesake, is Truly Scary
How the New FCA Regulations will Affect Car Dealers
Predatory Payday Loans damaging to Borrower, Community
New Mortgage Rules protect against Risky Loans
Debt Buyers’ Mass Lawsuits: Oh Evidence, Where Art Thou?
In Debt Collection Case, FTC sends Refund Checks to Consumers
What CFPB's Harsh Words to Servicers Mean for Banks
Make Debt Buyers Disclose Forward Flow Agreements

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4 Tips for Choosing a Secure POS System
Paying Off Old Debts may not improve Your Credit Scores
4 Steps to Improve a Financial Situation, as Instructed by National Debt Relief
5 Types of Debt to Dump before You Retire
ID Theft allows Crooks to Crank Out Fake Tax Returns for Refund Fraud
Can I get a Debt Collector to stop pulling my Credit Reports?
Help for Consumers Hassled by Debt Collectors
Debt Adviser: What to Do when the Debt Collector calls

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Popular Mobile Apps weren't secure, Feds Allege
Fandango, Credit Karma Settle with FTC over App Security Flaws
Forming Buying Groups that Comply with the Antitrust Laws
FTC shuts down Debt Collecting Scheme that pretended to be from the ...
FTC targets Amherst Debt Collector for Threatening Consumers
FTC goes after Abusive Collectors
FTC settles with Companies Falsely Claimed to Comply with International ...
Third-party claims under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

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Wells Fargo launches 'Get College Ready' Web site
Disabled Borrowers trade Loan Debt for IRS Tax Bill
9 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Financial Aid for College
Graduate Student Loans - Harmful or Beneficial?
Higher Education Finance: A New Coalition Looks for Answers
Federal Legislation hopes to add Consumer Protections to Student Loans
The Hefty Yoke of Student Loan Debt
Inside the 2014 Student Loan Borrowers' Bill of Rights Act

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Up to 400 New Jobs at PRA UK in Kilmarnock
Debt Collection Expert speaks out regarding VAT and Debt Collection
First Collect International Offers No File Opening Charges to Clients for Debt ...
Canadians' Financial Health Improves
Updates Coming for Debt Collection Laws
FCA in Consumer Credit Clampdown on Payday Lenders
Portfolio Recovery Associates to expand in Europe with acquisition of ...
Auditors urge Co-ordinated Approach to Government Debt Collection

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Louisiana's District Courts not effectively Collecting Fees and Fines, Auditors ...
Government Officials to Discuss Financial Enforcement Trends, Regulatory ...
Seventh Circuit agrees with CFPB and FTC in FDCPA time-barred Debt ...
Seventh Circuit adopts CFPB Position on Time-Barred Debt, creating Circuit ...
5 Ways Taxes can affect Your Credit
FDCPA Lawsuits Decline, while FCRA and TCPA Filings Increase
Credit Law Changes will offer More Protection
Doubling Small Claims Court Limit raises questions about Debt Collection ...

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