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FDCPA Certifications 

Debt Collectors Can't Pay 
Their Own Debts 07.10.14

Creditors Rights 
in Bankruptcy

The CLLA Attorney Role in 
the Hunter Warfield Debt ...

 Bankruptcy and 
Creditors Rights

WebRecon Consumer 
Litigant Scrub Process

Should I buy Life Insurance to 
pay off Student Loans at My ...

 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
w/ Ron Brown

 Debt Collection Agency Marketing
Talk - Social Media and Debt ...

"Advanced Collection 
Techniques, or Pay Up!"

3 Debt Collection 
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Pressler Hit With Class Action Over Four-Second Review
CFPB Moves To Supervise Auto Finance Companies
Courts grapple with Jurisdictional Issues in TCPA Litigation
CFPB Subjects Large International Money Transmitters to Supervision
Occupy Wall Street Strike Debt Retires Nearly $4 Million of Student Loan Debt
State Court Adopts Tighter Rules for Debt Collection
CFPB Sues Corinthian Colleges for Predatory Lending
Significant Changes Proposed for Fair Credit Reporting Act

New Alleged Scam begins when Victims find Money deposited into Checking ...
AARP Program aims to Protect Older Americans from Scams
Beware Online Credit 'fixers' - TransUnion
How can I tell if a Call from the "IRS" is Legitimate or a Scam?
BBB warns of Social Media 'get-rich-quick' Scam
CFPB Shuts Down USA Discounters’ Servicemember Fee Scam
Scam Artists are posing as Government and Law Enforcement Officials ...
AG Cooper Wins $6.8 million Settlement For NC Service Members In ...
Debt Collection Scam tries to trade on Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Title

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RadioShack looks to White Knights to Stave off Sale, or Insolvency
Key Creditor reaches Agreement with Detroit on Debt Deal
Detroit ends Bankruptcy Trial's first week with Witness on both sides of ...
Lender offers up to $4 Billion Loan for Detroit using Art as Collateral
Attorneys File Complaints against Bankruptcy Trustee
Berko: Bankruptcy often Only Recourse for Suffocating Debt
Detroit to Restructure, sell $5.2 billion in Water Department Debt
John Roska: How Bankruptcy Works

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Rapid Recovery Solutions shares 5 Tips on How to Get Clients to Pay ...
Getting Sued over Debt: Readers tell their Stories
Rapid Recovery Solution, a Leading College Debt Collection Agency ...
Debt Collector Harassment: An Envelope is a Window of Opportunity
Columbia Financial International Inc. Awards $50,000 Educational Grants
True Confessions of a Former Debt Collector
NY, Memphis Debt Collectors settle Multiple Violations
MRS BPO Debt Collection Agency Appoints New COO

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$770,000 Judgment in Sexual Harassment Suit Against Firm, Management ...
Bank Of America settles TCPA Lawsuit for over $32 Million
TCPA Hot Issues: Is the Scope of Consent Unlimited?
How one Man got even with a Debt Collector... in Court
Debt Collector Sentenced to over 14 Years in Prison
Debt Collections Spike
United States: Capital One settles Record Shattering TCPA Lawsuits for $75M
Local Prosecutor contracts with High-Pressure Debt Collector, possibly ...

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FCA Pressure leads to Surge in Hiring of White Collar Collections and ...
Teleperformance Grand Rapids adds 100 New Jobs
Secret Network Connects Harvard Money to Payday Loans
QwikFlow Cloud-Based Solution introduced to Ensure Regulation E Compliance
Kemp ADC Software extended to Vnware Cloud, Ops, Logs, Apps
Lovetts Research reveals 2 out of 3 Businesses are failing to take Advantage ...
Virtual Debt Collection lets you Negotiate, settle up Online
Teleperformance Announces Major Growth in the Abilene, Texas Area

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New Consumer-Friendly Changes to the FICO formula could bump Your ...
FICO Graphic shows why Customer-Focused Collectors are on the Rise
CFPB Issues Warning on Deceptive Credit Card Marketing
John Roska: Credit Card Debt has Statute of Limitation
Q&A on Changes coming to FICO Credit Scores
How FICO09 could increase Homeownership
Millions to get Break in New Credit Score Calculation
Credit Repair Services in the US Industry Market Research Report from ...

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Using Injunctions to Battle Mortgage Fraud
Overview of the Florida Consumer Collection Practice Act
Federal Action against Payday Loans picks up
How a Chattanooga Payday Lender avoided Prosecution Here
Banks’ Fake Scare Mail to be Scrapped after Treasury demands Answers, UK
State settles with Debt Collector on Payday Loans
OCC Consumer Protection Standards in New Bulletin may influence CFPB ...
Lender that preyed upon 17,000 Military Men and Women must Forgive ...

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When does Credit Card Debt fall off Report?
Lenders and Collectors Beware: Missouri expands Coverage of Consumer ...
How to tell if you’re Talking to a Fake Debt Collector
5 Ways to Beat Collection Lawsuits
3 Types of Debt you never Want to Have
Old Debts, Shady Collectors and Your Rights
Portfolio Recovery Associates' (PRAA) CEO Steven Fredrickson on Q2 2014 ...
5 Strategies to Raise Your Credit Score in the Next 30 Days

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Did You Know: There's a 3-Day Cooling off Rule on Certain Purchases
FTC final orders with Fandango and Credit Karma provide Guidance on ...
Google-FTC Kiss and Make Up: $19 million Refund to Settle Unauthorized ...
Circuit holds City Charges don't fall under Debt Law
Changes to FTC’s COPPA Guidance increase Flexibility for Businesses
IRS: Phone Scams have Cost Victims about $5 million
Subprime Lender learns FTC's 'not cutting any slack'
FTC sues Companies involved in multi-million Credit Card Scam

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Increasing Student Loan Debt hinders Housing Market
Parents Poised to Gain Easier Access to College Loans
Do Students need a Credit Card in College?
Government to Award Contract to Scandal Plagued Student Loan Company
The Most Attractive Student Loans
Students expect to Pay off Loans within five years of Graduation, poll shows
Going Forward, New Federal Loan Guidelines for College seen as Helpful
Grieving Parents also Hit with Student's Debt

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UK Debt Collectors hired to chase down north's M50 Toll Evaders
Collections Specialist Demand Rises by 56%
Banks admit Tricks over Debt Letters
Burton's Department 'had no strategy' to recover Redundancy Debt
Collection House chief Matt Thomas says Profits hit $18.7m, People ...
Credit Union hired Investigators ‘stole data’
Will Wonga-gate put the Morals and Ethics back into Debt Collection?
Debt Collection Agency wants Exemption from CRTC New Rules, Canada

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Johanns, Thune introduce Bill to Stop EPA from Bypassing Courts to ...
Court says Debt Collectors need Arkansas License
County to Hire Collection Agency to Trim $400K in Unpaid Debts
Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act applies to Anyone collecting a Debt
CFPB files amicus brief in Ninth Circuit FDCPA case
State sends Robocalls on Overpayment of Unemployment Benefits
Court lets Debt-Collector amend Answer and Assert Counterclaim for ...
Court gives Consumers Stronger Protection from Debt Collectors

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