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Debt Collectors Can't Pay 
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Creditors Rights 
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The CLLA Attorney Role in 
the Hunter Warfield Debt ...

 Bankruptcy and 
Creditors Rights

WebRecon Consumer 
Litigant Scrub Process

Should I buy Life Insurance to 
pay off Student Loans at My ...

 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
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 Debt Collection Agency Marketing
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3 Debt Collection 
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Glassine Window spells trouble for Debt Collector
Debt Collector Owes $33,000 for Harassing Consumer
Consumer Agency scrutinizes Medical-Debt Collection
Suit alleges Copyright Enforcer violated Debt Collection Laws
Lawsuit claims Debt Collection Company's use of California Prosecutors' ...
ACA Board Member Testifies in Philadelphia
Server of Court Papers faces Felony Charges in Northern Minnesota
Debt Collector owes Woman $33k for Harassment

The First 3 Things You Must Do if Your Identity is Stolen
Fraudster Must Repay $564K of Student Loans
FTC settles Text Message Scam for $10 million
I-Team Scam Week: Fake Collection Agencies
Unscrupulous Debt Collectors are Seniors' Top Financial Peeve
Credit Card Skimming: A Scam on the Rise
ODC warns of Unclaimed Funds Scam
Reverse Mortgage Schemes targeting Elderly

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5 Things to Do After Bankruptcy
Aereo Files For Bankruptcy Following 3-year Copyright Fight
Debts Canceled by Bankruptcy still mar Credit Scores
Debts Canceled by Bankruptcy Still Mar Consumer Credit Scores
IRA funds protected in Bankruptcy
Americans face Post-Foreclosure Hell as Wages Garnished, Assets Seized
Preventing Medical Bankruptcy
Strategies for acquiring Assets in U.S. Bankruptcy Cases-Changes in the Law

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Debt Collectors praise New Regulation In NY
CFPB Releases Fiscal Year 2014 Financial Report
Use of Collection Agency gives Uxbridge Fiscal Fix
Monderine reveals the Three Best Ways to Recover Debt before Closing a ...
California Businessman Pleads Guilty in Fake Debt Collectors Case
Encore Capital Group Inc: Still Plenty of Upside
ACA Members Named as Who's Who in Collections
Collection Firm triples D.M. man's Overdue Debt

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Sirius XM refunding Customers who were Automatically Renewed
California fails to collect Billions in Court-Ordered Debt
Nevada AG: How to avoid Debt Collector Scams
Debt Recovery Lawyer warns of Foreign Investor Unit Risks
AG files suit against Process Server
3 Legal Actions you can take to make Your Debtors Pay
Understanding CFPB Supervision and Enforcement
Can I recover my Attorney's Fees in my Lawsuit with Unifund

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PaymentVision Named to Top Electronic Payment Solutions List for Sixth ...
MicroBilt announces Commitment to PCI DSS 3.0
AR-12, the Debt Collection Platform will be made available to the Debt ...
Workday HR and Financials pay off for Allied Global
Virtual Payments can be a Savior for Collectors
Credit Risk Management Software spending to Grow 9%
Datalliance Delivers Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Innovations for ...
Quantrax Debt Collection Platform RMEx announce Version 4.1

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Getting paid for What You Do
New Service from Experian ensures Fair Treatment of Those in Debt, UK
Founder of Fishers Collection Firm DECA charged with Fraud
6 Huge Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Mortgage Loan
5 Habits of Highly Effective Credit Card Users
Renting a Car with a Debit Card can hurt Your Credit Score Warns that the Debt-Apocalypse is Turning People into Zombies
As Personal Finances improve, Debt Collectors come Calling

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Clergy urge Limits on Payday Lending
Consumer Financial Watchdog delays Payday Lender Regulations until 2015
The Unspoken Victims of "Payday Loans"
Debt Sellers posted Consumers' Personal Info online, FTC charges
Debt Buyers Win 94.3% of Their Cases by Default Judgment
Payday Lending Reform Group targets Member of Consumer Protection ...
Associations Must Be Proactive in Foreclosure Process
What all Military Families need to know about High-Cost Lenders

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Trustees and Creditors have different roles in Consumer Bankruptcy Cases
Credit Card Debt second most Common Debt Problem brought to Citizens ...
Stop allowing Creditors to have Power over You
Lawyers Who Lend Name to Collectors Rapped
5 Tips for Getting Out of Debt Quicker
What Rights do Businesses Have to Collect what they are Owed?
3 Ways the System is Rigged against Consumers
Debt Collection and the Latino Community: Will you be at the Roundtable?

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Complaint alleges Debt Collection Practice violates Privacy Law
State AGs urge FTC to strengthen Telemarketing Sales Rule
FTC Cracks Down on Phony Tech Support Companies: Were You a Victim?
Federal Law Friday: unfair Debt Collection Practices --- Your Days of ignoring ...
Sixth Circuit: Attempt to Collect Statutory Interest violates FDCPA if ...
The FTC calls Bluff on AT&T's Seemingly "Unlimited" Data Plan
FDCPA Class Certified in a Seemingly Individualized Dispute over Repayment
Anonymous App Whisper hits back at Privacy Claims

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Survey: Teens Concerned about Student Loan Debt
What Debt Dies with the Deceased, Which Debt Lives On?
Corinthian Colleges Selling 56 Campuses to Student Loan Servicer
Average Student Loan Debt Rises, Tops $30,000 In 6 States
PLUS Loan Program makes Changes for Heightened Loan accessibility
Student Loan Servicers tricked Borrowers into paying More, Made Illegal ...
New Rules for Federal PLUS Loans Announced
Personal Finance: What if I can't pay Student Loan?

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New Zealand's Student Loan Collection Overseas Initiative nets $150 Million
Overseas Student Loans Collection hits $150m
Debt Collection Companies form Industry's First Professional Organization
Phantom Debt Collection Scammer pleads Guilty to Fraud
More Singapore Firms are being Paid on Time due to Tighter Credit Terms: DP
New Debt Collection Law aims to reel in Loan Sharks
UniCredit Said to Enter Exclusive Talks With Prelios-Fortress on UCCMB
Lifetime of Debt: More Young Aussies signing Debt Agreements

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House passes Financial Institution Bankruptcy Act of 2014
Connecticut Judges tell Parents to pay GAL or face Debtor's Prison
Pa. Law Firm sued over Debt Collection Notice
California District Court certifies TCPA class against Defaulted Defendant
Judge dismisses Questa's $62K Ink Lawsuit
New York Court of Appeals Asked to Review Case Involving NYC Debt ...
City Homeowners lose Property for just $250 in Unpaid Taxes
Recent 11th Circuit Cases provide important HIPAA Guidance

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