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FDCPA Certifications 

Debt Collectors Can't Pay 
Their Own Debts 07.10.14

Creditors Rights 
in Bankruptcy

The CLLA Attorney Role in 
the Hunter Warfield Debt ...

 Bankruptcy and 
Creditors Rights

WebRecon Consumer 
Litigant Scrub Process

Should I buy Life Insurance to 
pay off Student Loans at My ...

 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
w/ Ron Brown

 Debt Collection Agency Marketing
Talk - Social Media and Debt ...

"Advanced Collection 
Techniques, or Pay Up!"

3 Debt Collection 
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At 3 Years Old, the CFPB Gives Americans a Soapbox
Credit Collection Company sued over Letters that appear to come from ...
CFPB Now Accepting Consumers’ Prepaid Card, Debt Settlement And Title ...
US Consumer Bureau sues Debt Law Firm
FTC halts Debt Collection Company that allegedly used Illegal Tactics to ...
"Phantom Debt" gets Companies in Trouble with Feds
Companies attacked for 'Potentially Misleading' Debt Collection Letters
The True Story of a Debt Collector that Can’t Pay its Own Debt
FCC letter brief to Second Circuit narrowly construes recent TCPA guidance
Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful? The Advantage of Daily Testing - How to Keep ...

US: FTC and Florida Halt Internet ‘Yellow Pages’ Scammers
Lisa Madigan to file Lawsuits targeting Student Loan Debt ‘scams'
Morrisey warns Consumers about Fraudulent Credit Card Debt Phone Calls
Be Protected from Debt-Collection Scams
New Robocalls fake their location to hook You in
Illinois Attorney General Issues Debt Collection Scam Alert
Facebook Scam stealing Identities & Creating Fake Profiles with Your Pictures
A Scam-Free Way to Consolidate Your Debt
Ohio Bill aims to prevent Military Identity Theft

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Eleventh Circuit holds that Filing a Proof of Claim in Bankruptcy on a ...
Inherited IRAs in Bankruptcy Cases
Have a Look on Major Factors Causing Problems in Bankruptcy
Experts in American Air Bankruptcy could get $371M
The Different Degrees of Bankruptcy, Explained
Supreme Court Finds Inherited IRAs not Protected in Bankruptcy
U.S. Supreme Court rules Bankruptcy Courts have Limited Authority
Bankruptcy Judge scolds Duggan, calls any plan to fire Law Firm a 'Bad Idea'

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Debt Collectors Harass Debt-Free Woman for Years
Phaedra Parks’ Husband Gets 8 Years in Prison
The Devil is in the Details of Your Debt Collection Case
Health Department to try using Debt Collection Company
Portfolio Recovery Associates: The Numbers Simply Don't Add Up
Have a Client Who is not Paying? Sue.
Promero and CallMiner Offers Webinar: Leveraging Speech Analytics to ...
Debt Collectors have Figured Out a Way to Seize Your Wages and Savings

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Colorado Attorney General announced the Filing of Civil Law Enforcement ...
West Virginia Attorney General issues Warning about Fake Debt Collection ...
Milwaukee Lawyer who Stole from Clients gets Prison Term
Ignoring Debt Suit Risky, even if the Collection Date has Passed
Kohl’s Shopper sues Store for Bugging Her about $20 Debt
Boise Auto Dealer settles with Idaho AG over Debt Collection Allegations
Court probes Wells’ Foreclosure steps again
Tennessee AG unveils Military Consumer Help Guide at Fort Campbell

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Emerging Utah-based Collection Agency Celebrates First Anniversary
PDC4U and Simplicity Collection Software expand Partnership
NCC Business' Lawsuit Against StopCollector on Verge of Dismissal
Debt Resolve announces Partnership with Collection Agency
A New Guide to Finding an Invoice Factoring Service Launches Online
CFPB Talks Mobile Technology in Financial Marketplace
Andersen, Randall & Richards Joins the Expanding List of Cortera Open ...
AppDynamics Lines Up $50M in Venture Debt

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Delta Outsource Group Hosts Visit from Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer
Be Smart when trying to Improve Credit Score
Don’t let Identity Thieves ruin Your Summer Vacation
5 Tips to Liberate Yourself from Credit Card Debt
Your Debt Collection Questions Answered - Part 1: Plain Dealing
Consumer-Protection Violations Widespread at Credit Reporting Giant Experian
Credit Bureaus: A Repository of Consumer Credit Information
Commercial Collection Agencies of America Debuts

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Feds turn up the Pressure on Payday Lenders
Payday Lender Must Cough Up $10 Million
Court to Payday-Lending ‘Bullies’: You Can't Touch This
Aspinwall Man gets Court Backing
Payday Loans may Help, but at what Price?
Debt Buyer bribed U.S. Bank Exec for Account Info
U.S. Debt Holds Broad Appeal
Homeownership Dwindling for the Millennial Generation

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What Happens to Credit Card Debt when Someone Dies
Bad Debt but Good Income? Your Credit can be Fixed
Ninth Circuit holds that Letters never read by a Debtor can be Materially ...
How to Pick a Credit Card That Can Help Your Credit
Can Debt Collector call Friends and Family?
Know the Law when Dealing with Debt Collectors
Skipping Out on Student Loans? Check Your Wallet
What You need to Know about Your Credit Report

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FTC Promotes Competition Among Professionals Through Advocacy ...
Collectors of Debts must Abide by Laws
FTC Announces Settlement with Debt Collector over Alleged FDCPA Violations
Debt Collectors turn to Social Media to track down Delinquents
Mobile Cramming Scheme Operators Surrender $10M+ in Assets in FTC ...
FTC sues Companies and Officers for Alleged Phony Debt Relief Scheme
Irvine Car Lender settles FTC Case with $5.5 million in Fines, Refunds
FTC puts Operation Permanently Out of the Debt Collection Business after it ...

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Community Colleges Steer Students Toward Risky Loans
Student Debt ‘help’ is Often Abusive, Officials Say
Student Loans Company Debt Collection Letters lead to Calls for Compensation
Student Loans Company uses Wonga-Style Fake Legal Letters, UK
Student Loan Forgiveness Bankruptcy Law: It Just May Help You
Student Debt Takes a Bite Out of More Paychecks
President Obama to Order Help for Student Loan Debtors
My $40,000 in Student Loan Debt is Worth It

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Lloyds Bank has admitted to sending Misleading Debt-Collection Letters ...
Npower sent Letters from 'fake' Debt Collection Firm, UK
Watchdogs Pursue 'Debt Letter' Tactics
RLPC-Arrow Global acquires Portuguese Loan Portfolios
Altitude Software Solutions for Debt Collection Wins Award in Spain
Collection Firm Swap Put on Hold
Collection House Boss out to Turn a Profit through Forgiving Debt
Thousands chased by HMRC Debt Collectors due to Overpaid Tax Credits

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Disputing Debts under the FDCPA - The Effect of the Fourth Circuit’s Opinion ...
EPA Regulators Gone Wild
Governor Rick Scott dogged by Quest to Recoup Lost Unemployment Cash
Another Court Rejects Mais Decision and Upholds FCC’s Interpretation of ...
Michigan Supreme Court expands Definition of “Collection Agency” in ...
Commentary: Yes, America, We have Returned to Debtor’s Prisons
Law Targets those with Unpaid Bills at Some Medical Providers
Questionable Reading of Law takes Millions away from La.

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