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 Bankruptcy and 
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WebRecon Consumer 
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Should I buy Life Insurance to 
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FCC Limits Student Loan, Mortgage Robocalls
Eleventh Circuit Reaffirms Prior Ruling that Debt Collectors who File ...
Debt Rule expected to Slash Default Judgments
Contact Frequency is Key as CFPB pursues Debt Collection Rules
CFPB sets July 28 Debt Collection Event as Industry awaits Rule
Cummings, Merkley introduce Legislation to protect Workers from Predatory ...
Debt Collector faces Trial for Scheme targeting 6,000 Consumers
Supreme Court lets Debt Collection Class-Action Suit proceed

Live Wire: Scammers pretend to be No Call Registry
Local Attorney warns of Debt Collector Scams
Robocalls to be Checked by AT&T
Protect Yourself against Scams, Consumer Disputes
Scams Top the List of Fastest-Growing Consumer Complaints
Phishing Email Scam targets TN Attorneys
Watchful Eye Consumer Alert: Summer Job Scams
Jersey Companies sued in Psychic Operation to pay Iowa $45K

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7th Cir. deepens Split on FDCPA Liability for 'Time-Barred' Claims
Fleming Owner Danny Kelley addresses Bankruptcy after Hearing
Consumer Action Law Group files Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to stop Foreclosure ...
Judge orders Brother of Leawood Payday Loan Mogul Scott Tucker to surrender
Stale Claim in Bankruptcy doesn't violate Debt Collection Law
Chapter 13 Trustee must return Funds to Debtor following Dismissal of Case
No Attorneys' Fees for Litigation over Bankruptcy Stay
Man says Collection Agency pursued Debt despite Bankruptcy Filing

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CFPB presents Significant New Regulatory Requirements for Third-Party ...
Libraries consider Debt Collectors
Consumer accuses Credence Resource Management of Telephone Harassment
How to prepare for and survive a CFPB Examination
Debt Recovery Center to start Collecting for State Courts
District of Columbia settles Unlawful Collection Claims against Debt Collector
Debt Collector required to Disclose that Disputes must be "In Writing," says ...
Largest Debt in State History Collected

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Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals clarifies Standing Requirements for FDCPA ...
Judge says Colorado Attorney inflated Foreclosure Costs, ordered to pay ...
Wells Fargo Bank settles TCPA Lawsuit
Consumer sues Debt Collector over Alleged Law Violation
The Debate over whether Consumers can sue Lenders and Servicers for ...
Lawyer settles OAG Claims that He Misled Debtors' Families
Missouri Attorney General's Debt Collection Regulations take Effect
Man claims Telephone Harassment by Debt Collector

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Compliance: TCPA Govt Debt Call Rule finalized by FCC
FTC announces FinTech Forum on Crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer Payments
Oracle is buying Business Software Firm NetSuite in a $9.3-Billion Deal
FCC wants Phone Providers to get Aggressive with Robocalls
MRI Software is selected by Credit Union Leader, State Employees Credit ...
Collect Now helps Small Businesses Stamp Overdue Invoices "Paid"
Oracle's New Cloud-Based Banking Solution targets Default Debtors
Quandis unveils New Tech Solution to help Lending Entities Comply with ...

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How to Tell if a Balance Transfer is a Good Idea
New Flaw in Chip-Based Credit Cards lets Thieves create Counterfeits
Vantage Acceptance awarded The Best Debt Settlement Company in CA.
Credit Card Debt continues to Rise
Mastercard unveils Next-Level Masterpass Features and a Company-Wide ...
3 Reasons for Millennials to use Credit Cards
Financial Credit Network, Inc. and AR Group join Forces
Credit Agencies order Cities to stop reporting Unpaid Tickets

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Are You ready to Comply with the CFPB's Final Amended Mortgage ...
CFPB publishes 900-Page Final Rule on Mortgage Servicing
Initial Industry Reaction to CFPB Debt Collection Proposal
Little Change in LendingClub Loans since Madden Decision
The CFPB's Flawed Case for Banning Class Action Waivers
Lender's Derivative Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claim not Time-Barred because ...
Supreme Court declines to review Second Circuit Decision subjecting ...
Transaction Documents are Challenging Part of Mortgage Process

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CFPB Debt Collection Proposals would create Problematic New ...
Debt Settlement Companies vs. Debt Counseling
5 Things Debt Collectors will No Longer be Able to Do to You
Debt Collectors -- The New Friendly Way
The Hidden Risks of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
Can a Debt Collector restart the Clock on My Old Debt?
Risks vs Rewards: The Dynamics of Debt Collection
Debt Collectors harass Family over Fake Loans

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Voicemail Message without Express Statement it was from Debt Collector ...
Legal Mistakes, Good Faith Errors and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Ninth Circuit holds that Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires ...
FTC settles with Fraudulent Debt Collectors for Millions as Operation ...
FTC continues Operation Collection Protection Efforts
The FTC objects to FCC Privacy Regulation
How a Small-Time Company became the "Wal-Mart of Debt Collection"
FTC reaches $950,000 Settlement over Location Tracking

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These Debt Collectors can only contact You 3 Times a Month Now
Consumer Borrowing slows in June
U.S. Department of Education releases Guidance for Student Loan Servicing
Connecticut Department of Banking takes "No Action" Position on Student ...
Corinthian Colleges Lender hit with Lawsuit
Colleges that offer Loan Assistance to Grads
Consumer Reports Partners with Reveal to Investigate the Nation's ...
ACA Members continue Talks on CFPB, TCPA with U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett

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Italy's National Debt hits Record High, reaches some $2.5 Trillion
Debt Collection Specialist changes Hands
The Three Key Challenges of International Debt Collection
US Treasury Sec Pro-Greek Debt Relief
Revenue soars for Debt Collection Company
Councils must 'Review their Debt Collection Practices', Charity says
China's Debt Problem grows more Ominous!
Atradius Collections releases International Debt Collections Handbook: 42 ...

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California reaches Settlement over Evictions of Military Families in San Diego
Third Circuit remands "Meaningful Attorney Involvement" Decision
District Court Opinion shows Collateral Impact of Crawford Decision
Supreme Court nixes Puerto Rico Insolvency Law, but Congress legislates ...
Do not even attempt to call Massachusetts Consumers more than twice in a ...
Federal Government and its Contractors Exempt from the TCPA, FCC Rules
Penn. Supreme Court holds any Entity may be Liable for Charging Excessive ...
Leveraging Government's Brief, Midland pushes for Cert

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