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Debt Collectors Can't Pay 
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Creditors Rights 
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The CLLA Attorney Role in 
the Hunter Warfield Debt ...

 Bankruptcy and 
Creditors Rights

WebRecon Consumer 
Litigant Scrub Process

Should I buy Life Insurance to 
pay off Student Loans at My ...

 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
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 Debt Collection Agency Marketing
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"Advanced Collection 
Techniques, or Pay Up!"

3 Debt Collection 
Agency Tips

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Cautious Consumers hold back on Spending in December despite Rising ...
Operation Choke Point Legislation could head to the House Floor this Week
Healthcare Provider sued in Medical Debt Collection Case
Wisconsin Legislature considers Work-From-Home Option for Employees of ...
Consumer Litigation and Complaints End High in 2015
2nd Cir holds Debtor can bring Post-Discharge FDCPA Claims in District Court
CFPB Compliance Bulletin outlines Requirements for Automatic Debit ...
Former FTC Regional Director Brad Elbein joins Barron & Newburger, P.C.

Scam Concerns rise through IRS Debt Collectors
Warning ... IRS Alerts of Tax Phone Scam
Agency releases Top 10 Scams List; Offers Tips to keep Consumers Safe
Stark Recovery Scam
Minnesota Law Firm impacted by Debt Collection Scam
Ranking Top 10 Scams of the Year
Avoiding Online, Virtual Scams during the Holiday Season
FTC halts Online 'Yellow Pages' Scammers

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Tenth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel approves Settlement Agreement ...
Clash continues between Bankruptcy, Debt Collection Laws
Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?
RadioShack reimburses Gift Card Holders after Bankruptcy Settlement
3 Consequences of Declaring Bankruptcy that You may not be aware of
Deciding on Bankruptcy to solve Your Debt
Medical Bankruptcy Report shows Problem continues despite Health Law
Using Online Sources to find the Right Lawyer

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Suit claims Collection Agency violated Law
Consumer Bureau cracks down on Illegal Debt Collectors
Colorado cracks down on Debt Collecting Methods
Law Catalyst Legal Media and Marketing announces New Website and ...
Waltham Company sued by AG for Collecting False Debt
Get Ready for ACA's 2016 Spring Forum & Expo
Firm sheds Consumer Collection Unit
CFPB Complaint Snapshot highlights Bank Accounts

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Woman sues Atkins & Ogle Law Offices for Consumer Credit Violations
CLLA's 2016 National Convention Preview -- Back to Chicago!
Attorney General offers Reforms to curb Debt-Collection Abuses
Massachusetts AG takes Action against Debt Collection Law Firm
Man sues Debt Collection Agency alleging Harassment and Violation of ...
Allentown Woman sues Florida Collection Agency claiming Harassment
Meet the Debt Collector working for the Little Guy
Missouri AG suggests Abusive Debt Collectors target Minorities

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Mobile Providers 'are Worst Debt Collectors' in Private Sector
Mobile-Payment Services draw more Shoppers and Merchants
CFPB reminds Companies of Automatic Debit Authorization Requirements
Northstar Location Services shares Positive Review of Castel Compliance ...
Why Chip Credit Cards are Stressing Out this Cashier
Which Consumer Tech Trends will Rise, Fall in 2016?
How will the Tech Industry change in 2016? Experts share their Predictions
LocateSmarter adds Bankruptcy and Deceased Products

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7 Ways to raise Your Credit Score in 2016
Fifty Top Credit Card Processing Services revealed in January 2016
Why Healthcare Providers should be careful with Consumer Credit Checks
One Way to Fix the Hot Mess that is Debt Collections
Capital One files 'Disturbing' Number of Lawsuits against its Cardholders
Till Debt Do Us Part: America's worsening Debt Problem
Senate Inquiry Report into Credit Card Market recommends sweeping ...
Credit-Card Changes saving Consumers Money

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Courts Rubber Stamp Corporate Suits against Poor
Supreme Court allows Lawsuit against Payday Loan Company
U.S. District Court hands down Servicer Fee Decision
Va. Lawmaker seeks to Crack Down on 'Predatory' Lenders
A $144,000 Student Default shows who profits at Government Expense
Pawn Shop Chain drops Payday Lending Business after Investigation of ...
Lawmakers protect Title Loan Firms while Borrowers pay Sky-High Interest ...
$2 million Verdict vs Debt Collector Stands after Judge says Collector took ...

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New Small Business Debt Collection Site,, announces ...
Are You ready for the Emerging Market Credit Bust?
ACA International 2016 Spring Forum & Expo Education at a Glance
Debt Statute of Limitations
3 Ways to Jump-Start your Debt Repayment Plan in 2016
CFPB orders Small-dollar Lender to pay $10 million for Debt Collection ...
7 Things we learned about Federal Student Loans & The Companies that ...
Debt Collectors think Im Someone Else. How do I get Them to Stop Calling?

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FTC cracks down on Abusive Debt Collectors
The Color of Money: FTC Case shows Dirty Side of Debt Collection
FTC announces Enforcement Actions under Operation Collection Protection
Second Charlotte Debt Collection Agency accused of Fraud
Fourth Circuit affirms Settlement in Class Action against LexisNexis
LifeLock paying $100M to Consumers to settle US Charges
FDCPA Lawsuit tossed for Failure to Disclose Claim in Bankruptcy Petition
FTC Chief eyes On-Demand Economy

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New York Governor nominates Maria Vullo as Superintendent of New York DFS
$144,000 Student Default shows who profits at Government Expense
Federal Reserve and Higher One settle Issues related to Services Associated ...
Utah gives Preliminary Nod to Non-Lawyer Licensing
Student Borrowers to get Robocalls, thanks to Congress
This Parent Trap involves $71 billion of Federal Education Debt
Options for paying down Debt during Grad School
Increased Credit Card Use fuels Household Debt

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Italian Debt Collection Process for English Speaking Creditors
John Ricketts joins Allied Global
HMRC Debt Collectors blasted for 'Treating People Worse' than Private ...
Graduates who move Overseas to be forced to pay back Student Debts
Regulating "Alternative Financial Services" in Ontario
Advocates hope Legislation will buy Payday Loan Clients Protection
Why is Ontario waiting so long to protect Consumers from High-Cost Lenders?
Protect Clients from Abusive Debt Settlement Practices

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Debt Collectors beware: Judge's Ruling could change the Game
FCC files Brief with DC Circuit in ACA's Challenge to TCPA Order
Class Action Settlement favoring One Plaintiff is Rejected
5 Big Developments in Privacy Class Actions in 2015, and 3 to look for in 2016
Under New Law, IRS can revoke Passports of Delinquent Taxpayers
What you need to know about State Licensing Requirements, Certificates of ...
Supreme Court will hear Dispute over Debt Collectors' use of Ohio Attorney ...
USA Law saves Billions on Credit Card Fees, but Risks Remain: CFPB

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