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FDCPA Certifications 

Debt Collectors Can't Pay 
Their Own Debts 07.10.14

Creditors Rights 
in Bankruptcy

The CLLA Attorney Role in 
the Hunter Warfield Debt ...

 Bankruptcy and 
Creditors Rights

WebRecon Consumer 
Litigant Scrub Process

Should I buy Life Insurance to 
pay off Student Loans at My ...

 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
w/ Ron Brown

 Debt Collection Agency Marketing
Talk - Social Media and Debt ...

"Advanced Collection 
Techniques, or Pay Up!"

3 Debt Collection 
Agency Tips

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CFPB slaps Medical Debt Collector with Seven-Figure Bill
Settle4Less Launches Platform to Revolutionize Debt Industry
Education Dept. Selects Official to Develop Debt Relief Process
ACA submits Comments to Inform the CFPB's Review of the Consumer ...
CFPB, Medical Debt Collector reach $5.9M Settlement
Spotlight on Legal Education Session: Court Interpretations of "Actual ...
Counties, State fight over Court Debt Collection
Debt Collector sued for pursuing People for Relatives' Debts

Warning about Credit Repair Schemes
South Florida, Hotbed for Impostor Scams
Grant Scam hits the South Plains
CFPB's Federal Court Action against PayPal sheds Further Light on the ...
Being Compliant is more than Training
FTC, Georgia NAACP to Host Free Community "Scam Jam" in Atlanta on ...
Bamboozled: How to catch Bogus Debt Collectors in the Act
Bogus Collectors convince People to pay on Fake Debts

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Bankruptcy Trustee shuts down Costa Mesa Debt Settlement Company ...
Bankruptcy Abuse Act, a Decade Later
The Supreme Court prohibits Chapter 7 Debtors from stripping off wholly ...
Bankrupt Homeowners can't void Second Mortgage
CFPB says Student Loan Servicers lie about Bankruptcy Discharge
Supreme Court rules that an Order denying Confirmation of a Chapter 13 Plan ...
Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase agree to Erase Debts from Credit ...
Rachel M. Blise, Attorney, Foley & Lardner LLP to speak at KC's Event

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Debt Collector allegedly used Colonial-Era Law to go after Debtors' Family ...
Account Control Technology is more than a Collection Agency
The First Thing to do if a Debt Collector sues you for Student Loan Debt
A Dallas Attorney's one-man Crusade against a Debt Collection Giant
Debt Collection: How long before You can't be Sued?
Reisterstown Law Firm sued over Debt Collection Practices
How Collection Agencies contribute to Small Business Economy
'No, Really, Regulation's Good for You,' Debt Collector Edition: Weekly Wrap

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Consumer Attorney Sergei Lemberg lauds FCC Ruling on Robocalls and ...
Attorney General announces Plans to Combat Identity Theft / Fraud
Listing Unaccrued Debts in Legal Pleadings can leave Creditor Attorneys ...
FCC Chairman Circulates Proposed Rulings on "Autodialer," "Recycled ...
Attorney General DeWine sues Out-of-State Debt Collectors for Threatening ...
Collection Attorney to run Chicago Marathon
ABA Meeting sheds light on UDAAP Priorities and CFPB's Project Catalyst ...
TCPA Connect - April 2015

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New PrivacyStar App identifies and eliminates Unknown and Unwanted Calls
Vantage Payments now offering Merchant Processing for Collection Agencies
Possible Opt-Out Alternatives from Unsolicited Robocalls for PAYPAL Users
Customer-Service, Data-Processing Company adding 250 Jobs
Debt Collection Outsourcing Increases
Using GPS Technology for Debt Collection
Improve My Credit USA in Media Spotlight for Debt Solutions
Creditsafe adds Debt Collection Services

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Crednology Holding Corp. announces New Partnerships
MasterCard Continues to Define the Future of Digital Payments
FICO defends Credit Score Model
Online Debt Consolidation Credit Card Debt Relief Programs easy to apply for
Credit Reporting Agencies will change Practices and pay $6 million to ...
Obama pushing Banks into Riskiest Borrower Pool Yet: 45 Million 'Unscorables'
Survey: Nearly Half of Consumers Monitored Credit Scores in Past Year
How do Balance Transfers impact Your Credit Report?

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Federal Consumer Protection Chief: Curb Payday Loans
Cavalry Portfolio Services fined $175,000 by Arizona
Fifth Circuit holds that a Lender accepting Late Loan Payments from a ...
CFPB sets Stage for Car Title, Installment Loan Rules
Home Closing Forms get a Big Makeover
J.P. Morgan Chase takes on Mortgage Servicing with Ocwen Deal
How N.J. Pension Money financed the purchase of a 'Predatory' Lender
Debt Addiction: Rethinking the American Dream

More Debt Buyer/Seller News Stories & Videos ... releases Expanded Attorney Directory and Attorney Search
Owe Money, You have Rights and Options
Lawmakers call for Stringent Payday Lending Rules
Debt Collectors' New Tactic: Scary Text Messages
Collections among Topics on Tap at NAF Association Annual Conference
Encore Capital: A Differentiated Company in an Undifferentiated Industry
Protect Yourself when you pay off a Collection Agency or Suffer the ...
TECH LOCK Contributes to ARMing Heroes Grant for U.S. Marine Corps ...

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AT&T fined $100m for throttling Customer Internet Speeds
FTC cracks down on Deceptive Debt Collection Texts
FTC Updates FAQs for Endorsement Guides, Offers more Guidance on ...
Confusion surrounds the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
PayPal to Pay $25M to Settle Billing Case
Federal Trade Commission returns Money to Consumers in Phantom Debt ...
Attorney Sanctioned for holding back Theory of Debt Case
FTC Settles with Retail Tracking Company that made Privacy Policy ...

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CFPB finds 90 Percent of Private Student Loan Borrowers who applied for ...
Why Student Loans should be treated like every Other Debt
The Impact of Student Loan Debt on the Economy and Borrowers
The U.S. Senate pushes to give Universities more 'Skin In The Game'
Sallie Mae and the Student Loan Industry
ACA is Represented at CFPB Hearing on Student Loan Debt
US Consumer borrowing expanded $20.5 billion in March
US Supreme Court to address Standing to Sue under Federal Statutes when ...

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Greek Crisis affects U.S. Dollar, Jobs
ACCC shines a Spotlight on the Debt Collection Industry in Australia
Will New Ontario Debt Settlement Laws protect Consumers?
Court allows Postpetition Creditor Client to deny Discharge of Debtor
Biggest Debt Collector in Europe says Crisis Rates not Helping
IMF leak Signals 'progress' with Greece, but Threat of Default in June
Third Greek bailout looms as Growth Predictions reduce
Former Clerk's Debt hard to Collect

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FCC strengthens Consumer Protections under TCPA
Second Circuit holds Application of State Usury Laws to Third-Party Debt ...
Second Circuit holds that National Bank Act Preemption does not apply to ...
2nd Circuit reinstates Consumer Class Action against National Debt Buyer ...
California Law allows Prejudgment Interest Demand without Judgment on Debt
It's time for Arizona Courts to stop trusting Midland Funding
U.S. Government using Subprime Mortgages to pump Housing Market Recovery
NC Bill would roll back Protections against Abusive Debt Collectors

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